Warning: Life May Be Dangerous #Anxiety


Before I go straight into it, I want to start by saying this is not intended to offend or upset anyone, I just wanted to write this for all the other (many) anxious folk out there, so you know you are certainly NOT alone!

Warning: Life May Be Dangerous #Anxiety

I’m writing this post in response to all those articles that tell us we should be afraid of something, or the daily reminders that we need to do something spectacular in our lives for it to have meaning, because…

Because, quite frankly, they make me afraid of life itself.



I see articles about parenting, what I SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do.

I see articles about food, what I should eat to tackle cancer or dementia or what I shouldn’t eat to STAY ALIVE.

I see warnings every day, challenging my own beliefs and lifestyle…

I see people telling me I should go here or there…

I am bombarded by words and warnings at every turn…

and it makes me feel scared.



I know for a fact I’ve shared these articles at times, trapped in the hypnotic trance of ‘sharing is caring’, thinking I’ll help others by sharing articles full of information. And for that, I’m sorry.

I believe that these articles can be helpful (sometimes!) or useful in some way, but what I’m tired of is their constant bombardment…

Take the video compliation of kids being snatched shared over and over on Facebook… Do I really need to see it?! It makes me want to curl into a ball and never leave the house, fearful of the next weirdo grabbing my own kid.


Why is it too much?

Because I think and worry about these things already. The problem with anxiety is the constant worry. It’s never ending, even on good days.  I already worry about dying tomorrow or our house being burgled without being force fed the horrors of this world. So when I see these posts it basically adds fuel to the fire of my anxiety…

I’m exhausted from feeling an overwhelming sense of failure. My anxiety hits the roof when I see these posts, questioning my own self. I begin to feel like I’m failing my children by allowing them screen time or killing my dog because I haven’t given him the right food. It’s a constant battle to wade through it all, and I’m just tired of it.

I’ve just popped onto Facebook and within five minutes of scrolling I have seen the following…

  • child locked away by parents
  • plastic toothbrushes and their impact on the planet
  • meal prep posts for the perfect week ahead
  • stay connected with ANOTHER social media platform
  • woman with IBS actually had ovarian cancer

It’s just too much for my brain some days. I’m not saying these things shouldn’t be discussed or shared, but I feel like social media has become more focused on horror stories and the overwhelming pressure of changing our lives rather than doing what it’s made for and connecting people…

Why can’t there be more goodness out there? Why can’t there be more family photos, more conversations and positive recommendations? Why is it that every other post I see is caked in fear?


How can we change things?

When this happens to me I have to step back and take a break. I have to switch off from the world of social media and focus on myself, not comparing myself to others or worrying about the possibility of having cancer (I do this without the help of horror stories!) or my kids being groomed on Roblox.

I know you might think I sound like a total nutter, worrying about this kind of thing when my full time job is being a blogger. Yes, I share days out and I talk about our lifestyle, but hopefully you’ll see that not every day is peachy and I’m not in the market for telling you how to live your life. Because that is completely up to you.

I’m certainly not the person sharing articles about losing a stone in a week or how to prevent your kids from being serial killers. It’s just not my bag.

I think things need to change. I think we need to share more of our own lives with our friends. I think we need to share the positive stuff and I think we need to think more carefully about what we share, because we don’t truly know how it is affecting a friend or family member.

And if all else fails, and the world is all too much, then…

  • Switch off your phone and read a book
  • Click the ‘I don’t want to see this’ option on the post that has upset you
  • Call a friend
  • If you have kids turn your tech off and build a fort
  • Go for a long walk
  • Do something that doesn’t involve social media (bake a cake or paint your toenails)
  • Don’t compare yourself (easier said than done, eh?))

And if none of these work, then send me a message. I really mean it. My anxiety is off the scale when I see too much despair and destruction (and I’m not even talking war here, I’m talking about the scaremongering of life!) so I know how it feels.

We’re not here to sit around worrying about our every move or action, we’re hear to experience the joy of the world, whilst we can…


Do you experience an overwhelming desire to run and hide away when you see these kinds of posts?




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