10 Reasons I LOVE Stranger Things!

We started watching Stranger Things last week and we’ve already seen all of series one. It made me think about the reasons I loved watching it so much…
1. As soon as the first episode started I was thrown back into E.T, The Goonies and even a splash of Poltergeist. The 80’s is brought back in this retro horror!
2. The kids rock! They have such amazing personalities (as well as asking skills) and it’s so easy to connect with them.
3. There’s a bit of a scare in each episode, but not enough to totally freak you out! It’s creepy, on the edge of your seat freaky-ness and I love it!
4. Winona Ryder is adorable and strong. She is just awesome.
5. There are strong female and male characters. This is SO important. A lot of the time women are presented as meek and pathetic, not in Stranger Things!
6. It doesn’t mess about with doubt. People see something odd, they believe it. Not much denial goes on in this show, thank goodness!
7. The music/soundtrack is AWESOME! Wanna travel back to the 80’s? Watch this show!
8. There’s so much character development. I love a bit of this, so to see it happen to loads of characters makes the show so much fuller and deeper.
9. It’s just so cool. I can’t explain it, but it’s so freakin’ cool it hurts!
10. There’s a bit of everything for everyone! Spooks, love, romance, friendship, sacrifice…
Basically I’m a HUGE fan of this show, I’ve watched the entire series with Warren recently, and we both agreed how amazing it is!
Have you seen it? What do you think?


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