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Well it’s been an interesting birthday weekend for George, who turned 7 on Saturday. He started his celebrations early with an invitation to Escape Reality in Cardiff, just around the corner from Cardiff Castle. Set over two floors the interactive escape rooms offer a fun night out for all occasions and we were treated to a family evening in Jungala!
Imagine being locked in the attic and transported to the jungle, with lots of locks and clues and a red herring or two and you’ll get an idea of our adventure. The staff are really friendly and passionate about their job, the rooms and getting you locked in! There’s even a bar so you can have a celebratory drink when you ‘xscape’!
You can have up to six people in a room and so Warren, George, Molly, Nanny M, Nanny Kim and I entered the room armed with torches and an iPad and got to work. I don’t want to give too much away as it would totally spoil the whole experience, but I will try to give you a feel for it…
You enter into the attic, furniture and clues are hidden here and there and you have to figure out how to put it all together to get to the next room. You have an iPad and if you get really stuck you can scan the QR bar-codes dotted around the room and get a clue, but beware- each time you do this you will lose a minute on your final time. You can also give the cameras a little wave for some hands on help from the wonderful team.
We had a bit of a technical glitch in the first room, but it doesn’t normally happen and the lovely Bethan came to our rescue. The first part was fairly challenging, mostly because there were some red herrings that kept us guessing for quite a while. After this we made our way into the second part, where Warren and his Mum worked hard to figure out the clues and get to the final stage. The first two sections were a bit more tailored to the adults, and the kiddies were a little impatient, but as soon as we made it into the final room they were in their element with the jungle creatures and guesswork.
I think these kind of team activities really do highlight people’s personalities and I saw Warren and his Mum treat the experience in a very similar way, the same way I saw myself and my Mother responding very similarly. It was very interesting!
We eventually worked it all out and made it out with a few minutes to spare. It was so exciting and exhilarating to break out!
I think my biggest tip if you decide to try out one of their rooms would be to think outside the box, and don’t think everything is a clue… because it isn’t.
We had a great time and afterwards the very lovely Curtis showed us around some of their other rooms. Misery looks absolutely haunting, Heist looks like a scene from Mission Impossible and Enigmista left me feeling super freaked out (They also have an Alcatraz and a Fibonacci room).
I would highly recommend Xscape Reality for a fun night out with friends, family or work colleagues. It’s a fab way to get those brain cells into action and also a wonderful way to bond.


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