Would You Change Your Wedding Day?

Would You Change Your Wedding Day?
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There are so many moments in life that are so full of reflection, and one of the biggest moments in my life was my wedding day. It feels like an unforgettable memory, from start to finish, so I guess I’m constantly reflecting on it as my life changes.

I often wonder if I’d do things differently, what would I change and what would I keep the same. Would I invite the same guests or would I elope with my lovely husband man? Obviously we’d have had to agree on it all, just like we did nearly ten years ago, but for the sake of this post I’m writing 5 changes (and 5 things I’d keep the same) from my own personal point of view.

5 things I’d do differently on my wedding day…

1. The Venue.

The day of our wedding was absolutely manic! We had three separate venues to attend, one for the wedding itself, one for the meal and one for the party. It was mayhem organising it all,Warren arranged a minibus to ferry people from the register office to the restaurant, then most people walked across to the venue for the party. Even though it was a little bit of fun, it was highly stressful wondering whether people would actually find the venues.

Not only that, but two of the venues are now no longer with us, one has been demolished and the other is due to be knocked down this year. This makes me feel so sad, and although we can’t guarantee other buildings wouldn’t be destroyed, there’s less of a risk if you choose somewhere dedicated to weddings and events. 

In hindsight, I think it would be ace to consider something unusual, such as Nashpoint Lighthouse, a castle or one of the many beautiful places listed at Bijou Wedding Venues.

2. The DJ.

In all seriousness this was the worst part of our wedding. I honestly couldn’t stand our DJ and I think I would definitely be more thorough when sourcing one next time. I think I’d also love to have some live music, Warren sang on the night and it was beautiful, but I wanted more! So yeah, I’d beg Warren to entertain everyone for an hour or so!

3. The time we got married.

We were booked in for about 3.15pm on the day of our wedding. Apparently it’s good luck to say ‘I Do’ as the second hand begins to move upwards past the half-past point. Yes, we’re that romantic. The only downside to our chosen time (which worked with all the other elements) was the fact that we didn’t spend all day with our loved ones. It would have been ace to have made a full day and night of it, but I guess that’s slightly unrealistic, as am I. (I’d still get married at quarter past!).

4. People.

Yes, I’ve said it. This is meant to offend, it’s just when I look back to the most important day of my life (before giving birth obvs!), I can’t recall more than a handful of folk who still make an effort with me and our family. It’s like we got married, had kids and everyone disappeared. I know this happens, but I still wonder where all those people are now and why we’re no longer friends.

5. I’d do it in Vegas.

A night time shot of Vegas with #VegasBaby

There’s a huge part of me that would have happily hopped aboard a plane (yes, I’m scared of flying but it would have been worth it!) and headed to Vegas to get married in front of ‘Elvis’! I think it’s such an ace thing to do, and it would have been just Warren and me which kinda makes me all gooey inside.

5 things I wouldn’t do differently on my wedding day…

1. I’d still marry Warren.

Gosh, I could marry that man every day of the year, every year. He totally drives me wild and I love that. I adore every inch of him (ahem!) and he’s just the one for me. I would never (ever!) get bored of saying, ‘I do.’ to him. 

Quote from point 1.

2. I’d still have a wet dress.

Right before I had to walk down the aisle I needed the toilet, but as I flushed I noticed the long black ribbon on the back of my skirt was dangling in the toilet. I went from feeling like a nervous wreck to laughing and whispering to myself, ‘Only me…’. It kind of calmed and soothed me and I walked down that aisle grinning as I approached my future husband with a wet-from-the-toilet-dress. It wasn’t so much that it was funny, it was more about the fact that we’d gone into the wedding knowing things go wrong, and our attitude was to accept them. It was a magical moment, I knew Warren would laugh and I knew it was how our life together was destined to be; full of ups and downs but always full love. 

3. Warren’s serenade.

When Warren appeared on a balcony above me singing The Christmas Song, my heart melted even more. It was the most adorable and romantic moment of my entire life. I will never forget that moment. 

4. The date.

A year before our wedding Warren and I agreed to make a go of things. We’d had a rocky start but when we said yes, we meant it. He wrote the date (and I think the time!) on a small square piece of paper, which is now stored in one of our wedding photo albums. We then chose that same date to get married. *Swoon*

5. Our clothes.

I loved our style for our wedding day. Our colours were green, black and silver and we embraced them! I loved how suave Warren looked with his top hat and cane, I loved how my skirt danced around me as I walked. I loved our fancy shoes and how we both felt in our wedding clothes, and I love that (for once!) we matched. 

6. My Dad.

Yea, I know there’s only meant to be 5… But…

My Dad walking me down the aisle. Looking back this was one of my favourite parts of the day, walking alongside my amazing Dad towards my amazing future husband. I can’t imagine it any other way, so I wouldn’t change it. Not for the world.

Upon writing this I have realised one thing; if we were to recreate or change anything about our wedding, it wouldn’t be our wedding anymore. It wouldn’t be full of the funny, sad, beautiful moments I remembered. Even though I no longer see some of the people, they were there on that one day that meant everything to me. They laughed, they ate and they got drunk with me, they smiled, they cried and they looked beautiful, and to change that, well it wouldn’t be the day I hold dear to my heart anymore, would it? All it would be is an empty version of the day I said, ‘I do.’ 

So no, I think I’ll leave it as it is. I’ll look back on the awesome moments, the emotional touches and the fact that I got to marry the man of my dreams – our way. Besides, you never know, maybe (just maybe!) one day the buildings will be restored, we’ll finally go on a honeymoon and you never know, we might even reconnect with those people lost to us so long ago.


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