World Penguin Day at Folly Farm

Everybody loves penguins, right?! Well we were super lucky to attend World Penguin Day at Folly Farm and see the little cutie pies celebrate in style!
We arrived just before lunch and headed straight for the Funfair Restaurant for lunch. George went for their fish bites and chips, Molly had the packed lunch (sandwich, chocolate bar, yogurt, crisps and drink), Warren had curry and chips and I had my all-time favourite baked potato with beans and cheese! We wolfed the food down before tracking down the lovely bunch of penguins 🙂
We arrived to a hub of activities (available on the day), including face painting, feeding the penguins and information on hand for all the penguin lovers there…
What I love most about the penguin area, and Folly Farm in general, is how informative it is. There’s is a lot of child-friendly information on hand, and we always end up discussing the effect of waste on the ocean, an essential element of learning in an ever developing world.
Of course, once we had seen the penguins and celebrated their day with them, it was time to visit our lovely friends, the rhinos!
We all felt very excited about seeing our old friends again, and we had a lovely surprise to see Nkosi outside enjoying himself in the sunshine!
It was a lovely sight to see and I actually felt quite emotional. From the rhino’s we wandered around and spotted the giraffes, camels, tortoise and so many other interesting and wonderful creatures.
We adore the penguins and we adore Folly Farm and it’s wonderful ability to make us smile. They constantly strive to make the world a better place and the animals needs and welfare are their top priority.
Even though World Penguin Day has come and gone, there’s always a reason to visit the wonderful world of Folly Farm.


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