World Cancer Day 2018.

Today is World Cancer Day and it’s definitely a time to reflect on our personal experiences with cancer. It feels like yesterday since my Dad died, and when I began contact with Danielle from Chyps I wrote a few words describing my experience during the final years of my Dad’s life…

I miss my dad every day. I was pregnant with my first child (George)
when I found out he had lung cancer. I remember my whole life trying to
make him quit smoking, and it was only cancer that made him stop. He
spent the next four years as he always had spent life, surrounded by all
those he loved, going out on adventures and just enjoying each day. He
was so sick at times during those years, I don’t know how he carried on.
In 2013 he went into hospital for the final time. It was devastating
and not a day goes by when I don’t think of him. He is my reason for
making those little things count, for holding my children so close and
for seeing how much joy there is in this world thanks to the amazing
people around me. I just wish he was still here to see it…
Danielle also shared her story with me…

I miss my PIC (partner in crime) every minute of every hour of every day. I was in my final year of uni when he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. I’d begged him for years not to smoke.

For the next 11 months he received radiotherapy. He fought like a
warrior; he was a little man but had the heart of a lion. Somehow
despite all of this, I graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours
degree – to make him proud.

I’ll never forget the day we found out the cancer was now secondary in the liver; there was nothing more that could be done.
For the following six weeks I watched helplessly as my hero withered
away to nothing. And he took his final breath at home with us all.

This was almost thirteen years ago. Not a day goes by where my heart
doesn’t ache for him, and he’s in my thoughts every minute of every hour
of every day.
He often lets me know he’s around by sending me a robin or playing his
song. Tears travel down my cheeks freely as I write this; they know the
route so well.

The hole will never be filled; there will always be an empty chair. But
now I practise gratitude for the 23 years we had together.
And everything I do is to make him proud. #cancersucks


Chyps is a charity located in Gwent and they offer counselling and emotional support, as well as complementary therapies to
people affected by cancer and other long term health conditions.

Danielle is currently raising money to help keep this wonderful charity alive, to help more families through the difficult and heartbreaking times.

Please share your stories, read and talk about other people’s stories, and if possible, please donate.

Sending you all love and hugs xxxx


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