Work it. Own it.

I have been thinking about Pretty Woman a lot lately, mostly because I have a phrase I use when life throws you something unusual or hard to deal with, if people pre-judge you or stereotype… Instead of shrinking away or worrying, instead of feeling lost, afraid or alone, I think we need to ‘Own it.’

So, if you’re a hippy or single parent (or both?!), if you’re a home educator, if you don’t shave your armpits or you have a post-baby body, if you’re losing your hair, if you are over 50, or if you’re just an average person (according to so-and-so over the road)… whatever it is you believe makes you stand out, OWN IT!

I’ve spent the past year of George and Molly’s Home Ed experience worrying about what everyone else thinks. Fretting about what or if or how… worrying who might ask what and when. I’m quick to say to other worriers they need to ‘Own it!’ but I haven’t actually given myself a dose of the magical medicine.

Recently I’ve started a 100 Days of Happiness and 100 Days of Me Challenges, and even after a few days I realise I need to own my own s***. I’m crazy, I’m loud, I’m sometimes irrational, I’ve become fiery, I’m a writer, I don’t shave my pits and I’m the mother of two home educated kids!

I love it. Every ounce of it. My life is awesome in so many ways/ I’m lucky to be alive, I’m lucky to wake up every day to two smiley faces and a slobbery dog, I’m lucky to have a husband that ‘gets’ me, even through the hardest of times. I’m so incredibly lucky, and to let my worries of what other people think ruin each day, rain down on my magical life, well no… not anymore. I have one plan and one plan alone…

I’m going to own it. Own the hell out of it. And so should you.

So, to all the geeks and goblins, to the ‘greedy’ (yes, I’m being sarcastic!) bisexuals and the teatotal-ers, to the single people and the ones who are completely in love, to the ‘crazy’ cat lady/man and the people who forage in bins (I like you!)…

Work it, work it baby, work it. Own it.


*Note to readers: I don’t believe that any of these things should make us stand out, but sometimes they do, most days we all stand out, I’ve just tried to highlight some of societies pre-judgemental views. No offence intended. now go own it.

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