Wishing for Winter Sun With Holiday Gems.

I have to be honest,
Warren and I have always dreamed of a holiday during the winter
months; a chance to re-charge our batteries whilst discovering new
and unusual places. I imagine the winter sun would be incredibly
uplifting, and the thought of a winter holiday in the sunshine right
now is a good one!

Holiday Gems have a
lot to offer when it comes to short-haul Winter getaways and fabulous destinations, from city
breaks to beach retreats, Winter could turn into Summer in an
instant. I really think it would be a wonderful way to spend a week
or two during the dark days of Winter, upping your Vitamin D at the
same time as having a well deserved break from the grind of normal

There are quite a
few places I could imagine us jetting off to, but the Canary Islands
would have to be top of our list. I’ve had very little in the way of
holidays outside of the UK, in fact we’ve only ever been to Barcelona
as a family. We went during the summer months and it was so hot; I
imagine the winter time would be just right for the perfect family
break when you’re looking for just the right amount of sun!
I could definitely see our family visiting is
the beautiful and stunning Lanzarote; with sandy shores and crisp
blue seas, this destination would definitely be top of our list. With
camel safaris, windsurfing and the chance to swim with dolphins,
Lanzarote has something for everyone to enjoy during the winter

There’s also the
beautiful and inspiring Gran Canaria, with amusement parks and water
sports to keep the active kinda folk busy, or you can soak up the sun
and relax on the picturesque beaches. I can only dream of such an
escape this winter, can you imagine how amazing it would be to jet
off and come back full of energy and sunshine in time for Christmas?
When it comes to the
kids, George and Molly are totally obsessed with volcanoes. This
means the gorgeous island of Tenerife and Fuerteventura would not
only offer sunshine and rest, but we’d also get to explore the
wonderful world of volcanic rocks and the history behind both of
these wonderful destinations. I can imagine how beautiful a trip here
would be, with lots of sunshine, history and family time all rolled
into one.

I think the winter
months can sometimes be a tad dark and depressing in the UK, a
refreshing break away from it all seems the right way to manage the
winter blues. I’d certainly give anything for our family to have the
chance to hop on a plane and have a break from the real world, and I
think the Canary Islands would be the perfect destination, with just
the right amount of sun, sea, sand and activities.

Where would you
escape to for some winter sun?

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