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When it comes to buying gifts for children, I often struggle to find the right kind of gift for the right kind of age for the right kind of child. It becomes an online minefield, a million tabs open for a million shops and several hours later still no gift! Well, that’s where Wicked Uncle comes in…
Their website is super easy to use, with a choice of categories to choose from including age range, gender or type of toy. I have a lot of friends who often ask me, ‘What would the kids like for Christmas?’ and even I, living with the pesky pair, struggle to think of ideas sometimes. Wicked Uncle offers so much in the way of support for the novice gift finder, as well as the ‘out-of-ideas’ mother like me!
So, I went for age ranges in my search and I was flabbergasted by the choice presented to me. I could have easily spent a fortune on George and Molly, but I controlled my urge to splurge (the cash!) and remained well within reasonable limits for gifts. The package arrived a few days later and George and Molly couldn’t wait to see what was inside!
First up Molly discovered the Magical Fairy Garden (£16.95), a wonderfully creative package that not only allows her to be artistic, but it also gives her the opportunity to grow seeds within the mini-garden. Look how excited she was to receive it!
This was her Magical Fairy Garden about a week after they created it, isn’t it beautiful?
She has been getting lots of compliments from her friends and the great thing is we can re-use this and grow it over and over or pass it on and share it, there are so many seeds we can probably create many more gardens and add/alter them over time…
George was very much taken with his wooden Magic Discovery Set (£15.99) and he plans to use this at Molly’s birthday bash in a few weeks- I’ll be sharing this event for sure!
They both also loved the idea of the Ant House (£14.95) and can’t wait to get started. Again, this is something we will plan and blog about over the next few weeks hopefully!
The kiddies were blown away by their gifts, they’re unusual (in a good way) as well as educational and explorative. There doesn’t seem to be anything on their website that won’t engage children on any kind of level.
I know plenty of uncles (aunts, nans and even parents) that would benefit from Wicked Uncle’s website. Their gift ideas are high quality yet the cost is affordable. They also come with a little gift tag for the recipient and a postcard for the child(ren) to send to say thank you.
Wicked Uncle is an amazing place for anyone looking for the perfect gift for a child. It has so much choice, reasonably priced and it’s just so much fun to order with them and discover the reaction of the child receiving the gift!
I would wholeheartedly recommend Wicked Uncle to help you out when buying a gift for the special little person (or people!) in your life.
Disclosure: I received some products in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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