Why it Sucks to be Ill!

I usually have a lot of energy, I usually get a lot completed in a day and I usually talk without hacking. Well, not this week my friends…

Molly caught a cold, I caught a cold and Warren caught a cold. We’ve been wiped out by some weird flu-cold-snotty-cough type thing and it sucks!!!

Here are the reasons why…

  1. (And this is a big one) There is no ‘you know what’ going on in this house right now, not even a peck on the cheek has been shared between myself and Warren. Because as soon as I speak or move my lips I choke and cough and go red in the face and then I feel oh-so tired. Then so does he. Sucks.
  2. I haven’t got enough energy to get dogface out much. I can’t face it. My asthma has flared a little, so I feel lame and not prepared to make it worse.
  3. We aren’t seeing many people this week. Because it sucks to be ill. I can’t go out into the cold much or exert myself (I did on Tuesday and I’m paying for it) so I’m getting fresh air by going into the garden, then coming back in declaring, ‘I can feel a spot of rain’ and hacking. Sucks.
  4. My nose is sore. So so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sore. Sucks.
  5. Since having two children, a large animal-like sneeze can cause a certain ‘thing’ to happen… Sucks.
  6. I can’t taste ANYTHING. So I therefore want to taste EVERYTHING. Sucks. But I’m on The Body Confidence Program and I’m staying strong. Doesn’t suck so much because the rest of my body feels quite good!

Anyway, there’s my little moan. I don’t moan often, so I’m getting it all off my chest in one post. And, here’s the best bit, I’m going to end on a high…

As a lovely friend of mine always says, I love my body for getting rid of the germs, for being ill to fix me, for doing its amazing job. Go body!

I have a flu cold, that’s all and I’m grateful for that. It could be oh so much worse… (Doesn’t suck.)

I have a roof over my head, food (I can’t taste) in my tummy and loads of love around me, so I really, truly and honestly, can get over this sh***y cold and come out of it a brighter, lighter and more grateful me 🙂

Peace out dudes x

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