Why I'm Totally in Love with Twinkl!

So, I’m fairly new to the world of Twinkl, but I’ve fallen head over heels with this wonderful world and I wanted to talk about why…
We aren’t traditional in the way we home educate, by this I mean we don’t have a stash of worksheets to work through each day, we’re pretty into our arts and crafts and learning through play, life experiences and following their lead.
But there have been times when I’ve wondered how to structure learning that involves things I’m not necessarily passionate about, or I’ve wondered how we can do more about a particular subject or time of year…
That’s where Twinkl comes in. If we’re really keen to do more activities on Christmas, for example, I can log into my Premium account and search ‘Christmas’ and pick and choose what George and Molly do… from colouring to Origami to anything you like!
This week we looked at Christmas and we used a few maths resources; they were lots of fun and involved colouring in and talking about bar charts with George. He loves maths so he enjoyed this activity. I love that you can dip in and out and choose the things to suit your kids, in fact, mine often choose their own!
Molly had some maths questions to solve…
I like that the worksheets aren’t exhaustive; they’re simple, bright, engaging and so much fun! Worksheets shouldn’t be ‘work’ in my opinion.
So there it is, I’m in love with Twinkl.
Are you?
Disclosure: I received a Premium account in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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