Why Escape Rooms Cardiff Totally Rocks!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have been invited along to try out Escape Rooms in Cardiff. The Cardiff rooms are located just off St Mary’s Street which is really convenient from any mode of transport. We arrived a little late, traffic was manic and every red light stood in our way. I urge you to arrive on time, they are absolutely lovely folk, but you really don’t want to start your game late. Time is of the essence!
You can have between 2 and 5 players in a team, our team consisted of myself, Warren and my two wonderful friends Rhoswen and Olly. When you arrive you are seated in the communal waiting area with other teams starting the same as you. There are lockers to store your personal possessions including mobile phones and any form of pen and paper.
The chap introducing us to our room was ace, so friendly and funny, and as Olly describes him, ‘he has an ace beard’. So it’s win-win really! He made me feel a lot more relaxed and he seemed super excited to see the teams play!
We were booked into the Sherlock Holmes room, and yes, after studying Sherlock fairly extensively at University (all those long years ago) I was really excited about it! Who doesn’t love Sherlock?!
escape rooms2
Now, if you’ve seen the online version of this game, you’ll have an idea of what might or might not happen in the rooms… My family adore the mobile phone version; searching for clues, figuring out combinations and piecing together all the puzzles in order to escape.
Imagine then, going into a room with a few of your mates, having the door closed and locked behind you and being left to figure out the right answer to get out… Amazing, right?!
We trooped in, myself and Rhos the nervous ones, Olly and Warren immediately switched on. Everyone searched for clues, I kinda stood there a bit bewildered. I’m not good under pressure, but after a few minutes, you kinda find your flow as a team, and you get crackin’ those codes!
We were a well matched team, we had a really good balance of practical, puzzle solving, imagination and all round nosiness which actually helps in a game like this!
It was important to follow rules, such as to not pull on things too hard, if something doesn’t move easily, then it shouldn’t move at all! If you get stuck for a while on one thing, you will be given a little nudge in the right direction, this was really helpful and kept us on track.
We worked our brains hard during our time in the room, I can’t and won’t say any more than that. When the door finally opened the excitement in the room was epic. We made it out with 20 minutes to spare and the lovely guy was well chuffed for us 🙂
After our adventure we headed to the pub for a ‘de-brief’ and a cider. We stood at the bar still scanning for clues and the staff looked at us like we were nuts haha. I suppose it gets you into such a way of thinking you can’t shake it off, it’s so awesome.
Here are a few thoughts from my pals to give you an idea of how Escape Rooms may work for you and yours…
Olly immediately contacted his fellow work colleagues and suggested it for team building. He said,’You have one hour on the clock to solve the puzzle that opens the door. It was truly amazing. Happy teamwork and logical things to appeal to different people. I was amazed it was so enthralling.’
Warren was wired during our session, having lived with him for over eight years I can immediately see when his cogs start working overtime, he was really psyched. He says, ‘It was really exciting and challenging. I can’t wait to return to try out another room!’
Rhos was a little nervous entering the room (she wasn’t alone!). She says as soon as she got into the room she says she ‘proceeded to squirrel about the place like an excited child… the race was on! I had no idea I would be skipping out the door with an enormous sense of achievement and a rush of adrenaline!’ Rhos has already recommended it to folk and she’s ‘very keen to troop back their and break out of a different room.’
This was such an awesome experience and we would all highly recommend giving Escape Rooms a go!
*I received this activity for free. All thought are my own and 100% honest*


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