We’re Going on an Adventure!

We’re Going on an Adventure!
'We're Going on an Adventure' with starry background.
*This is a sponsored post.

Oh how we love to venture out and discover new things as a family, and whenever we’re with Warren we simply hop into the van and we’re off. But when it’s just the three of us and we have no vehicle to rely on, we have to think of other means of transport…

There are so many options out there, and when it comes to train and bus prices, well it can be hard to decide which mode of transport to use. Not only that, but you have to think about what to take, because you’re going to have to carry everything, so I thought I’d pop together a list of top tips for going on an adventure, without the luxury of driving…

Man in red on cliff with word 'adventure' written in the sky.

1. Pack light.

I really think keeping it as minimal as possible is super important. First aid kits are always important, I always use the travel ones and they’re so light and fit into the smallest of bags. Obviously you’ll need somewhere safe to store money, keys, mobile phone and so on. I also sometimes take a mobile charger for my phone, in case of emergencies. Another key element when travelling with kids would be drinks and snacks – always snacks!

2. Get the cheapest deal possible!

Book tickets ahead to save some dosh and check out any online deals before you commit. Sometimes it’s cheaper to get day tickets instead of returns, which also means you can hop on and off as you like. I think scouring the internet is definitely the best way to save your pennies.

3. Invest in a darn good bag…

I adore my Cabin Zero bag because it has such a huge capacity for everything, including coats and wellies. It’s so easy to use and frees up my hands to hold on tight to the little ones, and it has a built-in tracker so I can find it if gets misplaced. It’s also GREEN! So I’m basically saying, get a bag that suits your style and your needs!

4. Decent shoes and coats.

Lace up boots.

We walk a LOT so decent and comfortable shoes are a must. I could live in my wellies if I’m being honest, they’re always so comfortable and keep the rain out on unpredictable weather days. I also like have waterproof coats if possible, even though they’re a bit more pricey than normal coats…

5. Pack snacks!

My kids are always hungry, which is a good thing, because we’re always on the go. I try as much as possible to have snacks on me (the healthier, the better!) and if we’re out for a full day of adventure I take as much as I can carry!

6. Entertainment.

A pack of colourful playing cards.

Keeping kids entertained whilst travelling can be a pretty arduous task, especially if there aren’t people to chat to. We tend to play games like I Spy or What Am I? and so on, plus George and Molly often bring little toys to play with and these kinds of things keep them entertained for hours!

7. Know where you are going!

Keeping an eye on where you’re going and where you’ve been is super important, especially if you need to get to certain places by certain times. Apps and maps can help you find your way around, but checking them out before you go is always the best way to deal with venturing into the unknown.

So there you have it, my top tips for travel when you don’t have the car. What would your top tip be?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

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