We went to Outer Space for George's 7th Birthday Party!

Huge apologies for the wait on this one, we’ve been so manic! But here it is…
We had an absolute blast organising George’s 7th Birthday Party, and as always, the prep starts with a theme followed shortly afterwards by lots of papier-mâché! Space was our theme, so all we needed was George to design a rocket piñata, plan the decorations, sort out food and of course, invite people!
George loves parties but he never goes mad on inviting loads of friends (phew!) so I think he ended up inviting about 8 kids. He made cool space themed invites on the computer and we posted them as soon as we’d settled on a date and time.
Then it was on to the making! We started off making the space rocket piñata, designed by George. It’s a slow(ish) process, but well worth it in the end!
We also bought a load of paper lanterns and decorated some of them and once dry we hung them around the living area. We also made lots of different space bits and bobs and basically did our best to transform our living area into a spacey-kinda-place! Nanny Kim made some awesome balloon aliens for all the kids 🙂
For the games we went with classic Pass the Parcel, Pop a Planet, Pin the Rocket on the Planet, and we also had lots of cool dance sessions with a friend’s smoke machine! For prizes we went with a set of planets, a space hopper and a space torch.
We already had our party bags from Party Bags and Supplies, but we added space themed pencils and a bit of cake to them 🙂 Of course, when it came to the food there had to be flying saucers! And as for the cake…
Warren rocks! Afer our trip to the Doctor Who Experience it made sense to have a themed cake- yum yum!
George had a fab birthday party, it was so much fun to organise and even more fun to host!
Do you like themed parties?


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