How I turn #TearsIntoSmiles with my little ones…


We have had many scrapes, bumps and bruises over the years, from learning to walk to that excited run to splat thing we’ve all done, leaving us with a cavernous gritty mess for knees. I wince each and every single time my children fall, mostly because it’s all I remember doing as a child. I am renowned for falling over, from scratching my shoulder in a fall (I know, what?!) to famously falling on my face which left me with a scar on my nose, I’ve never been great on my feet…

Well, it seems both George and Molly are a little less clumsy, but they still have their accidents! When they are hurt I think the most important thing anyone can be is empathetic, and then practical. So, hugs and soothing words, explaining to them what’s happening (my children rarely want to look at their own scrapes and it’s a good time to talk about how blood scabs, right? Or is that just me?) and making sure the area is clean and dry.

There are many ways to soothe a child after a cut or scrape, not to mention  using fun and exciting plasters to entertain and delight. Elastoplast (who’ve been around for nearly 100 years) have a range of fashionable and high quality plasters perfect for your child (or you if Frozen or Star Wars are your kinda thing!)…

After this it’s all about taking their mind off it, and we were recently sent a fab game to turn #TearsIntoSmiles easily!

George loved playing this game, he had lots of fun and I think it’s a firm favourite now!
Here are some of the other things I do to turn #TearsIntoSmiles…

  • Tell a funny story. It’s great distraction, whether from a book or just a made up tale, it distracts them from the pain.
  • Hug them and tell them you understand, that the pain will go away and it will be okay.
  • Play a game (like the one above) and make them smile!
  • In some instances I’ve been known to tickle them, but I have to be sure they’re in the right mood for a tickle!
  • Eat something yummy; a cake, cookie or sweetie. A special treat brings smiles in abundance.

Whatever the weather, there are ways to make the pain disappear, and these (for me!) always include a hug! Check out this lovely video for a wonderful idea to turn #TearsIntoSmiles…

How do you soothe your child when they’re hurt?

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

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