We had an absolutely lovely day last week. The sun was shining and we ended up spending most our time outdoors. The day began with a chat about our #BearHunt books from Walker Books and filling in the first section of the Explorer Journal.


George and Molly really got into designing their picture, with lots of little quirks from Molly and shading from George. The books have lots of handy tips such as wearing sun cream or taking a scarf on colder days, as well as a chance to record discoveries within the journal; I think they’d make lovely gifts! We discussed all the things we’d need for our walk and with binoculars in hand we were off.


We headed to one of our favourite walks in Llantrisant, ‘The Acre’, but before we set off up the hill we had a little nose down a path we’ve always wanted to explore. It wasn’t very long (full of overgrown bushes and trees) but we discovered it was the old railway track that used to run through Llantrisant…

It was so fascinating for all of us, and it started up some really interesting conversations. From safety to zombies, we talked about it all and I think it really helped to remind everyone how dangerous ‘playing’ near train tracks can be. Luckily, these ones are great for adventuring, and even nature is having a say about how things work now it’s not in use!


On our lovely walk we collected lots of flowers and admired the beautiful view…


All this reminded me of something we did a few weeks ago when we used this lovely Nature Trail activity sheet free to download from The Father Fitness. We printed ours in black and white because we’d ran out of colour ink but the colour version is gorgeous! It’s a fab way to get really involved in nature and lose yourself amongst the birds, bees, trees and anything else a million miles away from the busy world…

When we got home we had a go at flower pressing. It was really easy with the little contraption provided to us from Walker Books…


After this we were really excited to go into the garden and plant a few more seeds…


Our peas and redcurrant plant are growing nicely, so today we popped in some potatoes, more peas, sweetcorn, cucumber, carrots… so much! We hardly labelled them but I think last year gave us a good grounding in knowing each plant from how it sprouts from the soil. And if not, ah well… it will be fun regardless!

We finished off our day taking the children with us to vote, and then it was movie night and we watched Return of the Jedi. We deserved the rest after such a crazy day!

How have you enjoyed this lovely May sunshine?

Disclosure: We received a kit from Walker books, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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