7 Ways to Save Money and Give to a Worthy Cause With My Favourite Voucher Codes.

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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

believe that when you buy a product, it always feels so good to know
that some of the money will go to a great cause. From helping the
community to supporting a charity, when a company gives part of their
profits to those in need, they’re top of my list when it comes to
spending our hard-earned cash!

love the feeling inside when I know I’m helping a charitable cause, and
if it means I get to save on my weekly shop, or a take away, or some
new furniture for our home, then that’s certainly a bonus. My Favourite
Voucher Codes have managed to combine savings with charity work, and
that’s nothing to be sniffed at. 

love a good bargain, and there’s a lot on offer on their website. From
discount pizza, to savings on your first shop with selected retailers,
there’s literally something for everyone. 

7 Ways to Save Money and Give to a Worthy Cause With My Favourite Voucher Codes.

1. Save on your weekly shop

shopping is so expensive these days, especially when you have children
to feed. They literally never top eating, which is great for them but
not for our bank balance! But your weekly shop doesn’t need to be so
expensive. For example, you can save on your food shop with Tesco at My Favourite Voucher Codes, as well as other popular food shops.

offers amazing all round deals, Ocado has the best delivery deals and
you can get awesome party food and wine deals for Waitrose. This could
be great for anyone looking to cut back on their weekly shop or perfect
for special occasions, such as birthday parties or summer garden

2. Treat yourself to a take away

away food is also pricey, but with My Favourite Voucher Codes you can
find all the latest deals from places such as Papa John’s and Dominos
Pizza. This kind of deal is perfect for movie nights, or on days when
you’ve been out all day in the sunshine and you’re looking for the
perfect way to end the perfect day without breaking the bank.

3.  Treat yourself to a short break

Favourite Voucher Codes offer amazing discounts on hotel stays, perfect
for getting away from the madness of real life whilst not spending a
fortune. There’s a special section where you can fill out your details
(date, size of group and where you’d like to stay.) and then you’re
redirected to a search page where all the latest deals for your chosen
break are listed. It’s really easy to use and saves you money at the
same time!

4. Get great deals for special occasions

I really love that there are specific sections for Easter,
Father’s Day and other important dates on the My Favourite Voucher
Codes site. Not only can choosing a gift be difficult, but prices seem
to be shooting up over night, so it’s great to have somewhere that gives
you ideas and discounts all at once. 

5. Save on events

the theatre to bus trips, you can find many discounts to keep yourself
busy in your spare time. A lot of the discounts appear to be London based,
so it’s the perfect excuse to hit the big bustling city and discover
new things! For other places within the UK you can consider paint
balling activities, Cineworld discounts and much, much more!

6. Search for what you want (or need?!)

a lot on offer at My Favourite Voucher Codes, and sometimes a simple
search is all you need to discover the things you’re looking for at a
reduced price. Simply enter your search criteria into the search bar and
away you go! You can find deals on the products you want/need and

7. All safe in the knowledge that your donating to a worthy cause…

Every time you shop My Favourite Voucher Codes donate money to their chosen charity.
Each month they give 20% of their net profits to a charity, and it
doesn’t change the price you pay, it’s all on them! This definitely
creates the warm, fuzzy feeling My Favourite Voucher Codes talk about on
their site for sure! 

a whole section on their site about the charities they support, and I
was shocked and super chuffed to discover that from 2012 they’ve raised
£54,254.66 for all the charities involved. That’s so amazing, and I’d be
very keen to support such a giving and thoughtful company, wouldn’t

hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you use any of their
codes and what bargains and discounts you find on their site!

Happy spending!

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