Urban Armor Gear Phone Case Review

Warren adores his phone. He literally can’t be without it. So, when he was given the chance to review one of Urban Armor Gear’s phone cases he was very excited!
He has an iPhone 5c and he had a choice between a black and a white case, he chose a white one, RRP $34.95.
The case arrived within a few days of ordering, and I received an email to explain that it was on the way to us. I love it when you get a confirmation email of shipment, it is so helpful.
The packaging was neat and good quality, it explains fully about the case and it’s various attributes:
*Impact resistant
*Feather light
*HD screen protector
*Easy access
*Skid pads
*Glare-free flash
It is very high quality and it looks really expensive. Now, Warren is a fussy guy, he has tested this to the best of his ability (what I mean here is, he’s dropped his phone lots like usual because he’s a bit clumsy…) and the results are pretty darn good!
Firstly, Warren was very impressed with the fit. It was snug but not difficult to put on. On top of this I think he was surprised by how easy it was to access all the different points on the phone, such as the charging slot, volume controls and the on/off switch. He said that he’s had cases before that have partly covered these areas of the phone, so they end up in the bin!
He did drop it a few times too, and he said nothing happened. The case protected it 100% as well as the HD screen protector. Again, he was surprised at the level of security this case gives.
Basically Warren gives this case 10/10. It’s not bulky and it protects his phone. It also looks pretty damn good! Before testing the case out I think Warren would have laughed at paying $34.95 for a phone case, but now he’s got one, I think he’d consider spending this much because it offers so much more than regular cases and seems to have no faults.
So, if you want your phone to look good and be protected, Urban Armor Gear is for you!
Discolsure: We were sent the phone case for free in return for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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