Treat Your Feet with Carnation Footcare…

My feet are quite neglected, and at this time of year they are feeling pretty sorry for themselves. But, luckily for my tootsies, Carnation Footcare is here to save the day!

First up is their Silky Feet Hard Skin Removal (£14.99), a nifty little device for removing all the unwanted hard skin on your feet. It’s battery powered (batteries included) and it works by buffing away the hard skin.

The package is easy to open, the instructions are clear and it wasn’t long before I was using it on my feet! It spins at 40 revolutions a second, and when it started up I felt a bit nervous, but as I (gently) placed it on my foot a miracle occurred…

All the hard skin disappeared! My feet were left feeling soft and smooth. I feel a lot less scaly now too!


Afterwards it was time to test out Silversock: high performance socks (£12.99). I’ve always got cold feet and I always buy those big, fluffy socks and bumble around in them, but then I can’t wear them with shoes…

These socks are different, very lightweight and they’re made with pure silver fibre! They’re great for people who have Diabetes, chilblains, epidermolysis bullosa and circulation disorders. They keep your feet warm in winter and cold during summer- amazing right?!

Well firstly I’ll tell you they’re super soft, like silky soft and really easy to pop onto tired (but smooth!) feet like mine. It felt like I wasn’t wearing socks to be honest, which is a nice feeling! They kept my toes warm the whole time, and I think these are a great idea for anyone in need of temperature controlled feet, like me!

I love these products, and my feet love me for using them!


Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.\


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