Toy Review: Magformers!

I am always fascinated by mathematical building toys, from how they are designed to how you actually use them, I get really excited alongside the kids. We were recently sent two sets of Magformers to test out and even before George and Molly opened them I knew we were in for a treat!

Review: Magformers.

Magformers are basically shapes that have rotating magnets on each
side that link together with other shapes to create buildings, cars,
shapes and other interesting objects.  The Magformers sets we received were:

Magformers Inspire 3D Set (RRP £29.99)
Magforners Wow Set (RRP £29.99)

George went straight for the car set, leaving Molly with the 30 piece pink, purple and blue set. It was a relief to see toys without the gender bias we see so often in the shops, so this was a big plus from our point of view. Molly immediately decided to build a house for her mini-figures…

George also got stuck in creating a vehicle with his set. This set comes with 16 pieces and it’s pretty interesting because it comes with two wheel bases and it’s quite tricky to get them to slot together if you’ve never played with Magformers before. 

I love how the sets work, you can build them in different ways but both kiddies tended to opt for the ‘flat-lay’ and then build up from there. Honestly, they didn’t stop playing with them for the rest of the day, and each day after that. They’ve definitely become a firm favourite in our household and even though they’re the higher end of the price range for educational toys, I do think they’re actually worth it. You know how budget focused I am, so I don’t say this lightly, but I think they’d be perfect for Christmas or birthday gifts.

We also received an activity book (RRP £9.99) but I think this would work better if we had more shapes to play with. We only received squares and triangles so we couldn’t use some of the games and puzzles within the book. However, if you do have all the shapes then this book is perfect for getting children involved in shapes, maths and building.

We love Magformers and I think they stand out because they’re engaging, hard-wearing (we dropped a couple on a hard kitchen floor and they were fine), colourful, fantastic for a vast range of ages and just so much fun! 

You can purchase Magformers from Argos, Toys R Us, John Lewis and Smyths Toys

Disclosure: We received sets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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