Tie-dye tea towels with Dylon!

I’m so in love with tie-dye right now, it’s unreal. So you can only imagine my excitement when Dylon sent me a beautiful and vibrant selection of colours to bring my tie-dye dreams to life! I think tea towels are a great way to get used to the whole concept of tie-dye, you can try out various patterns and colours and even if it’s not perfect it still looks great! 

I had two main ideas for my tea towels, one was to produce a heart and the other was to create a circular pattern. My first attempt really taught me some valuable lessons about colour and technique. I decided to wing it and go for it without doing any research, and I actually believe I learnt more this way! 
My first job was to dampen the tea towel, but I forgot to do this and went straight into step two, the elastic band technique! I basically laid the tea towel out flat and picked it up from the centre, then added an elastic band about an inch down the top of the material. I kept adding rubber bands all the way down… 
The one ingredient you do need to have ready for this project is salt, and when it came to mixing small quantities I really did have to guess but it worked out fine this way. However, if you want a guaranteed result then follow the Dylon instructions 100%. 

After mixing a couple of colours I began to add them to the tea towel. Molly helped me too which was pretty fun, but I’d totally planned my tie-dye ‘area’ awfully. I’d used newspaper and it not only let the die run across my bench but it also meant the tea towel was sat in a pool of dye for a bit. NOT a good technique. 

I also had a go at heart print, which worked out pretty well! To
create the heart I simply folded the tea towel in half and drew half a
heart from the fold out and back into the fold again. Then I scrunched
from one end of the heart to the other and tied this off. There’s a great video here showing you exactly how to do this.
So, after my ‘lesson learnt’ moment, I headed to Youtube to see how it’s really done, and I found this guy, who has a great technique (I also used his fork technique on a top so I’ll be sharing that soon!) and knows his colours… unlike me! Haha! But I am learning and I’m also pretty determined.
So, once the dye was on in the right places, I left it to ‘sit’ for about an hour. On some areas I went over it again with the colour to deepen it nad this is where gloves are very handy for making sure there’s full coverage on the exposed parts of the material. I found a good way of not wasting dye was to put a bigger pot underneath the tea towel and collecting it as it drips down, then returning it to the counter. 
Once they’d been left for an hour, I rinsed them out, removed the elastic bands and popped them in the washing machine on a short cycle. Then it was time to check out the patterns I’d created- eek!
The one that wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be was the purple/orange tea towel, it just wasn’t as bold as I wanted it to be, but that’s down to colour choices and techniques. After this I felt a bit more knowledgeable and produced brighter and more my styled patterns.
I think my favourite is probably the circular one with pink, orange and green. It’s so bold and beautiful, I love it! 
They just look so happy swinging in the wind, don’t they? I think these are a great way to brighten up any home and you could even use colours to match your kitchen’s style so they just add a bit of ‘happy’ to washing up and drying time!

We love our tie-dye towels, and I think we’ll be making more ready for Christmas with greens and reds to really give them the perfect Christmas vibe. Dylon was really easy to use and produced fantastic results that not only looked fab but washed really well too!
What do you think of our tea towels? Would you tie-dye yours to give your kitchen a bit more colour?
Disclosure: I received Dylon products in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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