Fitting Your Family Into An Apartment Home.

In an ideal world, we all dream of having a house to call home. Nothing could be better than having four walls entirely to yourself. But, with house prices ever on the rise, and deposits going up with them, it’s getting harder for young families to afford the cost.

As such, families across the UK are finding themselves with no choice but to rent. There are houses on the rental market, but these often have a monthly price tag to match their exclusive status. And, if you’re looking at renting for the long-term, that can set you back a fair amount. As such, many families find themselves with no choice but to rent an apartment instead. The downside here is that you often compromise on space. While there are three-four bedroom options out there, these are at the top-range of the budget. If you’re after an affordable choice, they’re pretty much off the market. As such, you and your family may need to fit into a smaller space than you would like.

It can be a devastating blow, and a difficult way to set out on family life. But, we’re here to tell you that fitting a family into an apartment is by no means an impossible task. All you need to do is turn your attention to how you can stretch that space and make it work for everyone. And, to help you get started, we’re going to talk you through some basics.

Work with storage

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The main thing you’ll notice in small spaces is that storage becomes especially important. While a few toys on the floor would barely be a drop in the ocean of a large house, they’ll make a big difference to you. In fact, if you let clutter build, you’re sure to feel claustrophobic in the space. Instead, you need to treat storage like the saviour it could be. And, that means making the most of it at every opportunity. We’re talking under the bed and in you alcoves. You can even use a box on the balcony if you have access to one. What’s more, with a little intuition, these options can look entirely in keeping with your design. Why not disguise that box as a bench? You could turn your alcoves into neat storage areas which look like features. All it takes is a little intuition and a big vision. And, with methods like these in place, you can be sure your small space will feel and look much bigger than it would otherwise. You certainly won’t have to climb over piles of belongings the moment you walk through the door.

Get creative with how you use the space

It’s also worth getting creative with how you use your space. As you have less of it, you may need to find many uses for each room. And, that requires some level of engineering. For instance, your kitchen may need to double up as your dining room. Only, the table takes up the whole area when it’s in place. Why not take time making a table which folds up and hooks onto the wall? You need a study area, but you want the room to be your living room first. You could always develop a small study in the understairs cupboard and keep it hidden when it isn’t in use. With sofa beds in place, you could even multi-function your family room into a bedroom when you have guests to stay. These ideas and more besides are easy enough to come up with if you take the time to think about them. Get good enough at using your space, and your home will start to feel a little like a tardis to everyone who enters it.

Use removable partitions

Many apartments now opt for open-plan living options, and it’s easy to see why. Without walls wasting space, your home is sure to look much larger. But, when you have a family in the space, privacy becomes that bit more important. In this instance, it’s worth considering ways to incorporate removable partitions. These are ideal because you can take them down when the landlord visits. But, during your family home time, they could make all the difference for creating the illusion of distance. And, that’s important as your kids get older and feel the need to be alone more often. There are many partition options on the market, and any one of them could serve your space. Get this right, and you could even create a bedroom at the end of your living room, then remove it when the day starts. Talk about making the most of your space.

Incorporate your outside space

Many apartments aren’t lucky enough to have outside space, but some are. In some cases, upper-floor options will have the addition of a balcony. In the case of basement apartments, you might even be lucky enough to benefit from a private garden. But, too often we neglect the benefits these outside spaces bring. By incorporating these into your space, you can brighten up your home, which can make the whole place seem bigger. What’s more, you could use these areas as extra space. Why not turn the balcony into a reading corner, and incorporate a shelter so you can even use it when it rains? If you have a garden, you could even invest in a summer house or a shed. It could become a playroom for the kids or a writing shed for you. Either way, this is yet another way you can literally expand your home. If your kids want freedom when they become teens, you could even use that outhouse as their private room. Bear in mind that you’d likely need to okay this with your landlord before going ahead. But, if they’re okay with it, this could be the ideal way to keep things ticking. Even better, it would free up a whole new room in the house for you to play with. Talk about keeping everyone happy.


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