Theatre and Film This July in Cardiff.

This year is flying
by and July is another month full to the brim of exciting theatre
performances and movie releases. As usual I’ve put together a list of
shows I’d love to see this month, from family friendly to dark and
disturbing; it’s an eclectic kinda month indeed!



To kick off the month let’s start with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll! Buddy- The Buddy
Holly Story comes to New Theatre this month and I’m so excited to be
able to attend with gorgeous Warren. We’re both very keen to learn
more about his story as well as listen to fantastic renditions of his
wonderful music, I cannot wait to sing along to La Bamba! The show
will run from 4th- 8th July so grab your
tickets now!
There’s also the
chance to catch the amazing Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom on 15th
and 16th July. George and Molly (and Warren and I!) adore
Ben and Holly; it’s so witty and cute and I cannot wait to see how it
transfers from television to the stage. 
Moving on to one of my all time faves… If you don’t know
the film Funny Girl then I’m not sure we can be friends 😉 but
honestly, can you imagine my excitement when I heard the stage
version was coming to Wales Millenium Centre? I get a tummy flip
every single time I think about this performance; not only is it one
of my favourite musicals but it feels perfect for the stage! Sheridan
Smith has had rave reviews, so check back here to hear my thoughts at
the end of the week. Funny Girl is running from 4th-8th

I’m also super
excited about the upcoming performance of Grease, another awesome
musical that’ll get the audience grooving in their seats! It’s on
from 17th-29th July and with a guest appearance
from Jimmy Osmond who doesn’t want to attend this show?!
Chapter has a few
delights in store for July, such as (F.E.A.R.), a one-man-show about
the concept of fear in this world of ours. With the current state of
the world I think this would be poignant and unnerving performance to
see. It’s running from 1th-13th July. 
35 Times also looks
set to make you think… A group of women meeting up and drinking
coffee, dance, craft and create but also a place to talk openly. The
description doesn’t give much away and this makes me want to see it
even more! There’s nothing like a bit of intrigue to get the grey
matter going. It’s running from 11th-15th July
so book your tickets now…
I’m super excited
about a special tribute act arriving in Cardiff at St David’s Hall on Friday 14th
July. The Bowie Experience has been in the back of my mind ever since
I first saw the flyer in their foyer a few months ago. I’m nervous
and apprehensive, but I know I’ll be bopping along once the lights go
down and the show begins!

They’ve also got a
lovely Relaxed Concert with BBC National Orchestra Wales this Sunday 2nd July.
The line up of music looks amazing, from the Doctor Who Theme to
Happy by Pharrell Williams, there’s really something for everyone.
I think July must be
my lucky month, because Sherman Theatre are showing our all-time
family theatre performance of Little Shop of Horrors! On 21st
and 22nd July you can catch this amazing show, full of
laughs, love and dark humour as well as some of the most amazing
music and songs ever written!



Who doesn’t want to
see the latest instalment of Despicable Me? You can catch it at
Chapter from 21st July- 3rd August. I’m loving
the 80’s vibe and the imprisoned Minions, we all know it’s going to
be hilarious, right?

For the adults I’m
going to suggest Hounds of Love running on 22nd, 24th
and 26th July at Chapter. It looks dark and terrifying,
but also intriguing and beautifully shot. If I go and see this movie
I’ll be taking Warren with me for sure!

I know Warren will
be desperate to see Transformers: The Last Knight, and I have to
admit I’m a little intrigued. This is mostly down to my adoration for
Mark Wahlberg; he totally rocks. It also looks a bit edgier than the
other films, so I’m happy to give it a go! You can it on 25th, 27th,
29th and 31st July at Chapter.

I’m also keen to
catch Baby Driver, In This Corner of the World, The Mummy (even
though it’s being given awful reviews I adore Tom Cruise so it’s a
must-see for me!) and of course, the long awaited Wonder Woman. I
have heard SO many great things about this movie, it makes me so
proud to be a woman and so proud that finally, my daughter will have
a superhero to relate to on more than one level.

After writing this
I’ve realised how amazing July is looking for theatre and film, don’t
you think?

What are you hoping
to catch this month?



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