The Magic of Gruff Beard's Christmas Beard Bells!

I love Gruff Beard. Firstly, they’re based in Cardiff and I’m all about supporting local businesses! Secondly, they are doing something wonderful for the bearded folk of the world by creating affordable and luxurious beard grooming essentials.
This week we received an awesome parcel and I couldn’t wait to tear it open and get to work on Warren’s beard. We love Christmas, the special vibe and magical atmosphere. Well, with Gruff Beard’s beard bells the Christmas season just gets better.
The vibrant bells have been (cleverly) attached to grips that sit comfortably in the chosen beard. I easily placed them all over Warren’s beard, and the result was pretty epic.
He looked so cute, funny and full of festive cheer! When George and Molly saw him they were so happy and excited. The best bit (for me, anyway!) was listening to the jingle jangle of the bells everytime Warren spoke or moved his head. It was hilariously cute.
So, if you have a bearded one in your life, you know what to do to add that extra edge to Christmas time…
You guessed it, get some beard bells!
Disclosure: I received these games in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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