The Importance of Vitamin D.

were recently sent a lovely bundle of goodies alongside some very
important Fultium Daily D3, a very important vitamin supplement
containing vitamin D, or as commonly known by people as the ‘sunshine
vitamin’. We were also sent some very interesting facts about how our
bodies can and cannot absorb vitamin D, which made for some very
interesting reading indeed…

D is essential for bone production, strength and repair and without
it there’s a higher risk of bone fractures and Rickets. Rickets is on
the rise in the UK due to a lack of Vitamin D, so it’s important to
know what we can do to help our children absorb more of this feel
good vitamin.
all presume that if we get a bit of sunshine we’ll be able to absorb
vitamin D, but in reality it’s a lot harder for our bodies to absorb
than we think. Firstly, there’s the issue of being outside for
long enough to absorb it, and in a world of office workers, long
school days and generally people hibernating during the winter
months, it’s just not as simple as it sounds. 
also very interesting to discover that fair skin absorbs vitamin D
more quickly than darker skin, but fair skinned folk may also avoid
the sunlight which counteracts this. You can also get small amounts
of vitamin D from foods such as oily fish, red meat, egg yolks and
other foods, but the quantities to gain enough vitamin D from food
alone are pretty unachievable, such as 6 boiled eggs or 10 rump
steaks per day!
are also so many factors that can prevent the absorption of vitamin D
such as lack of outdoor space and time, polluted air and sunscreen.
There’s even research that points to a connection between lack of
vitamin D and a weakened immune system as well as daytime sleepiness…
is where Fultium Daily D3 can help because it offers the suggested
daily amount of vitamin D, helping to maintain healthy bones, teeth
and muscles as well as counteract all the issues preventing the
absorption the feel good vitamin.
can get packs of 30 (£3.99), 60 (£7.49), 90 (£10.99) or 15ml drops
(£7.99) to be taken daily.
I received a goodie box in exchange for this post. All opinions are
100% honest and my own.

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