The Future of Fast Food from McDonald's.

Last night McDonald’s made all my childhood dreams come true. I was invited, along with Alina and Kate, to their Swansea restaurant to check out their revolutionary design, both in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor.
I cannot explain how excited I was about this event. I was welcomed warmly by all of the staff, and Ron the franchisee of the store, was absolutely awesome! He had so much passion and enthusiasm, it was hard not to feel a buzz of excitement as he talked us through his restaurant and the plans for the evening.
Our first task was to don a uniform consisting of hairnet, cap, apron and a McDonald’s badge; I was so excited to do this and I couldn’t stop smiling!
mdWe had a little peek at their staffroom and it was stunning; lots of space to spread out, changing room/private toilets and a computer for both training sessions and surfing the net! No wonder the staff are all so happy 🙂
When we headed downstairs we were shown the self-service kiosks where you can place an order on the large interactive screens. We’ve seen these in one or two restaurants before and we always encourage George and Molly to choose their own food and drink; they love using the big touch screens and being in control of their own choices.
Ron showed us how they worked, and even though I’ve had a go before, I actually didn’t realise how amazing they were until last night!
Ron explained how you can specify what items go into your burger, so if you want to have a plain cheeseburger, you can tap on the image of the cheeseburger and remove the other items to suit you. What’s great about their new system is the fact that you have a choice to order via touch screen or at the counter with a member of staff. I love dealing with people, and normally I’d champion going to the till, but I adore the whole concept of self-service here. It suits the shy type, the indecisive type (like me!) and it gives children the chance to take part in the ordering process.
However, the technology doesn’t stop there! On some tables there are specially fitted tablets for children, and grown-ups alike, to use during their dining experience. Both these added features can only make life easier for busy parents and their children. In some stores there’s even table service available, another helpful move in the right direction for families, making it easier to dine in peace and comfort without worrying about watching the kids and sorting out the food.
We were pretty mesmerised by the evolution of McDonald’s, the difference between now and when I was a child is out of this world.
It was soon time for us to head into the kitchen for a nose, and this is when I began to feel a bit nervous! Part of our trip was to make our very own Big Mac. We entered the kitchen, which was completely spotless, and I lost myself amongst the well-organised and perfectly presented kitchen area; nothing was out of order and everything had its place; it was incredible. The team were fabulous and their routine, from start to finish, was seamless.
The kitchen was amazingly organised, computer systems and machinery that was simply out of this world; I really was surprised! We had an awesome time watching them work (super hard in my opinion!) and then it was time for us to make a Big Mac.
Making a burger isn’t just about whacking everything into a box, no… It takes attention to detail, precision and speed like I’ve never seen before! I was terrible at my portion sizing, but it was still fun to have a go!
What do you think of my Big Mac?!
Well, after having a nibble on it I can safely say it was delicious! We were told by Ron not to fill up too much, but we had no idea what treat awaited us…
McDonald’s have upped their game and produced The Signature Collection. This is one heck of a burger that’s served in a brioche-style bun and comes in three different flavours; The Classic, The BBQ and The Spicy. It’s made from 100% British and Irish beef and it will be available in selected restaurants from today!
Doesn’t it look heavenly? They tasted divine! To try your own head to one of the following stores: Crossways Park (Caerphilly), Myrtle Hill (Carmarthen), Oxford Street (Swansea), Trostre Retail Park (Llanelli), Queens Street (Cardiff), Newport Road (Cardiff), Chirk Retail Park, Nantgarw Business Park (Treforest-Pontypridd), Cwmdu Retail Park (Swansea).
They are a company we should be proud of, I certainly am! I’d like to say a huge thank you to Ron, Lisa, Jayne, Adam, Miles and the rest of the team; you are all fab and you really did make my childhood dream a reality!
I have a new found respect for McDonald’s, from their ethics to their revolutionary system, not to mention their fantastic staff.
Here are few facts that might surprise you about McDonald’s:
* They use free range eggs
* Their milk is organic
*They use British and Irish beef
* Their employees can gain access to help re-take their GCSE’s
* They carry out regular litter patrols in their restaurant area
*Their employees have great work ethics and I certainly couldn’t do what they do!
If you’d like to find out more about McDonald’s visit them here. Don’t forget to get yourself to the nearest restaurant to try out their new #SignatureCollection and try out some of their awesome new technology.
McDonald’s isn’t moving with the times, it’s showing us the future.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.



    • 23rd November 2016 / 10:49 pm

      I was SO mch fun and I felt like a kid again! xxxx

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