The Fight for the Perfect Bathroom : What’s Your Kind of Style?

The Fight for the Perfect Bathroom : What’s Your Kind of Style?

Photo of a bathroom with title on top.
*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

When it comes to bathrooms, Warren and I have quite different ideas when it comes to style and functionality. It’s weird to think a bathroom could cause such conflict, but it’s a reality that exists, and I’m sure we’re not alone.

We constantly dream about our dream home, mostly because we’ve had ten years renting and it’s nice to imagine our own home. It’s nice to dream about all the different rooms, flooring, accessories and colour schemes, and when it comes to the family bathroom we’re in a tug-of-war in this house…

The Fight for the Perfect Bathroom : What’s Your Kind of Style?

Warren and I are both in agreement that a spacious bathroom is a must. With two adults, two kids and a dog we need space to move around, even in the loo! So, what kind of bathroom would suit us?

One with…

  • A large bath!

I love the idea of a large bath, somewhere to have a long relaxing soak but also a place to play and have fun as well as bath the dog with ease. I also love the idea of a roll-top bath, Molly adores them too so we’d be happy 🙂

  • Power shower

We both love the idea of a lovely power shower to wake us up in the morning, but also the kind of shower you never really want to get out of. 

  • Colour Scheme

When it comes to colour, I’ve grown into the need for light and bright whereas Warren thinks black bathroom suites look nice. He’s very into his black decor, so I think this would be a battle for both of us, because it is a true question of personal taste. I also adore the gorgeous options of floor tiles you can choose from these days, I often dream of discovering gorgeous original tiles…

Red, beige and blue patterned tiles.
  • Sinks

Double or not? I don’t really understand the twin sink thing, it makes no sense in my mind and it only means more cleaning to be done, right? I think Warren would prefer two, but then he probably wouldn’t clean them, so for me, just one big one will do!

  • Style

I am so in love with the art deco style bathrooms, with the large square block walls; they’re so gorgeous! I also love candles, and I know for a fact Warren agrees with this one, plus we’d totally have wine glass holders for in the bath… But I do worry I’d never leave the bathroom if it looked too beautiful though! 

  • A side room

This might sound mad, but I’d absolutely adore a little side room or extension to the bathroom with a hairdryer and beauty station for getting ready in the morning (or evening!). I love the idea, it’s both functional and romantic!

What would your dream bathroom look like? Would you and your family agree?

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