The Festival of Voice: The Last Mermaid

The Last Mermaid, starring Charlotte Church and a whole bunch of extremely talented folk, is currently running as part of The Festival of Voice.
Warren and I were extremely lucky to be invited to attend the show last night, and I have to admit, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. We entered the theatre, brimming with the buzz of exciting people, and found our seats.
The stage was set. The translucent beauty of the ocean, the sound of waves lapping at the shore and then came the performers. What a delight to hear them sing, their costumes dramatically perfect for each scene of the performance, their voices simply enchanting.
When Charlotte Church arrived on stage, I felt so overwhelmed and desperate to hear her sing. Well, she kept me waiting (for just the right amount of time) and when she finally lent us her voice, it was simply beautiful. Full of guts, angst, love, pain and beauty, she owned the role of the last mermaid.
I wasn’t really expecting much in an acting form, but I can honestly say that Charlotte Church embodied the last mermaid, each subtle movement and every fleeting glance, I felt her act every inch the part. My favourite moment has to be when she first lands on the sand and discovers her new form, it was playful and sweet, and when she feels her heart beat for the first time, well what can I say, my heartbeat joined her in the throes of first love…
I will also admit that I shed a tear at the end of the performance, moved by the magic and the music, but mostly by her relationship with the child, Charlotte’s final moments of the performance touched me immensely. It was intense and heart-wrenching, and the only disappointment I felt was wanting more!
The whole show was one of wonder. The costume and set design was faultless, from the futuristic neon costumes (I so want a pair of the light up shoes!) which showcase pretty awesome choreography, to the use of plastics throughout (a nod to our future, perhaps?). I totally adored the ‘plastic bag’ scene, imagine American Beauty, but more magical…
What more can I say? The Last Mermaid is a spectacular piece of art, stunning choreography, gorgeous set, beautiful costumes, a story to make you really think and a cast to die for. Each person on the stage gave 110%, you could feel their energy and enthusiasm radiating from the stage.
I really felt each piece of music run through me; there were moments when I wanted to join in and dance along, there were moments I wanted to protect the last mermaid and there were moments when I felt ashamed of the human race.
This really is a masterpiece of the arts, a tale performed in such a way it will leave you feeling desperate to see more.



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