The Body Confidence Program: Week 1

When I was invited to try out The Body Confidence Program I jumped at the chance to change my ways with food for good. I am a massive pasta fiend and love nothing more than settling down with a bottle of red and digging into some cheese. This was my chance to start over, to look and feel good again.

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, the first week of the program was a huge shock to my system. I thought it would be a case of missing my morning coffee and wishing I could have a nibble on a cupcake, but to be honest,the first week was a week of pain.
I spent the first five days fully exhausted, nodding off late afternoon and not having the strength to really focus on anything. My novel didn’t see me all week, my head was fuzzy and I had constant headaches. All the sugar and cravings and crap, it was all leaving my system, ad wow did it throw a big leaving party!

On day 3 I ended up in a lot of pain. I literally felt as if I was in labour, back to back labour (if you know what I mean I send hugs your way- ow!)… I couldn’t rest properly and at one point thought I’d injured my back but then I realised the pain was coming in waves. It also came along after I’d eaten one thing in particular; eggs.

Warren did a spot of research and we looked back over my week and realised eggs were the culprit to my pain. I immediately stopped eating eggs and stocked up on some foods to counteract the pain; walnuts, spinach etc. This really helped! (I plan on re-introducing them this week, just not so many hehe!)

So, on about day six I began to feel normal, not amazing, but normal. I started to feel in a routine with the meals, when to eat, how much water to drink each day (yes I did wee a lot for a few days but it passes) and this was the morning of the exploding smoothie hehe! George and I had sorted all the ingredients and we slammed on the machine, but uh-oh, the base wasn’t connected properly and woosh… out came the smoothie! We looked at each other and laughed; it was wonderful.

By day eight I felt really good… I actually felt in control of my routine, confident in myself, clear headed and focused.

I’m now day 9 and I’m really proud of my achievements last week, I didn’t stick to all the rules 100%, but this means I can only improve this week…

Oh, and do you want to know how many inches I reduced by? Of course you do! Well, here goes…

I lost 5 inches last week!!!! Woohoo!

But the thing is, numbers, weights, figures, it doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is how I feel. And today, on day 9, I feel positive, I feel proud and I feel determined.

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