The Allen Clan Conquer Cursed Carnival at Breakout Cardiff!

The Allen Clan Conquer Cursed Carnival at Breakout Cardiff!

On Monday Warren, George, Molly and I were crazy-super excited to take on the challenge of Cursed Carnival at Breakout Cardiff. It’s been a while since we tried out one of their rooms, and to go back as a family really made it a special occasion.

George asks me time and time again to take him to some sort of live breakout game, but a lot of them have adult themes or children under a certain age aren’t allowed to join in. However, Cursed Carnival, although a little creepy (in a good way!), is perfect for a family. 

Breakout Cardiff is located in the Brewery Quarter, next to Five Guys, and it’s easy to spot. You ascend the stairs and enter into their reception area, where you find an array of interesting, quirky and child-friendly puzzles, as well as lovely staff ready to greet you. There are five rooms (2 identical and perfect for a race against time with two teams!) and they cost between £15-18.00 per person to take part with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 players. 

We were welcomed in by Lucy, who had bags of patience with the million questions fired at her from George and Molly! Lucy was ace, she was extremely passionate about Breakout and the rooms, and she explained everything perfectly to us. Cursed Carnival could be seen as pretty creepy, especially with Frank (a prop handed to us from the start) by your side, but Lucy made that side of things fun and interesting, always a good thing!

After the safety chat and room briefing, we entered the room armed with torches (and Frank). Lucy gave us a great idea, suggesting the adults look up at eye level for clues and the kids scour the ground. We managed to pool together all the clues and hints and props and soon we were into the second room!

All the rooms were brightly coloured and full of so much fun and interactive elements; I adored it! I think I loved the fact that it wasn’t all mathematical, it was a real mix of skill and observation, team work and logic, and we all thrived within the first two rooms. Upon entering the third room, we lost our way, and as we’ve experienced time and time again, once you hit the brick wall it’s pretty hard to get past it. But, with a little help from Lucy via the television screen (there were 2 altogether), we clicked back into action and made it into the final room. 

I really loved how the theme was carried throughout to the final moment as the door unlocked, I loved the style and décor, it had the right amount of red herrings and clues, and there was a lot for George and Molly to get their teeth stuck into!

It was fab seeing them unlock padlocks, find clues and figure things out whilst Warren and I scoped the rooms out for additional clues. My favourite moments included Molly spotting a key in an unusual place and George sporting out scrabble letters to make a word to open a lock! I was so incredibly proud of them both. 

We made it out with 10 minutes to spare and it felt so good to achieve it together as the Allen Clan. We had an awesome time at Breakout, and I’d highly recommend Cursed Carnival, especially if you want to try it out as a family. I cannot wait to go back again and tackle another room!

Disclosure: We received entry into this room in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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