Techniquest and the Splendiferous Science Show

Techniquest and the Splendiferous Science Show

Situated in the wonderfully vibrant Cardiff Bay is Techniquest, the building that hosts accessible and fun science activities for kids and adults alike. We were honoured to be invited along for the day to explore all the wonderful things inside as well as take part in the Splendiferous Science show.

We have been to Techniquest before for their Home Education days, these are always wonderful and there’s always a really fab interactive show for the kids too. The staff are always very welcoming, friendly and on hand to help, everytime I’ve visited they’ve interacted with my children and nothing is too much trouble.
George and Molly were so excited to be going back, and as soon as we entered the building they were off!
I always try to make sure I have another adult with me to keep an eye on one child each, because the open plan layout means they’re drawn to different things at different times. In reality, you can see where they are throughout the building but I’m a worrier. If you are too then I’d suggest an adult per child.

Molly and her building blocks!

The place was buzzing with people yet it didn’t feel crowded at all. There’s so much space and so many things to look at and interact with that you just get carried away in the moment. It’s a great thing that they make announcements throughout the day to let you know when any shows are about to begin.
George and Molly zipped around lots of different areas, but each time we visit they are always drawn to the water play area. I can’t say I blame them, it’s pretty awesome!
It wasn’t long before we were reminded that the Splendiferous Science Show was about to start, so we headed over to the planetarium and found a place to sit ready for the show to begin!
This year marks Roald Dahl’s centenary, a 100 years since the wonderful man of tall tales was born. We are huge Roald Dahl fans-well, isn’t everybody?! The thought of combining Roald Dahl and science together made me buzz with excitement.I love a bit of science, so I think I may have been more excited than the kiddies!
We sat patiently waiting for the show to begin, and oh what a show it was! We saw water change colour before our very eyes, we watched them make fizz-popping bubbles that go down instead of up, we clapped as they showed us how to make objects move with our minds! It was absolutely glorious.

Where all the magic happens!

I really don’t want to say much more about the finer details, because that’s the kinda stuff you’ll find out about when you go along yourselves…
BUT, I will say that Techniquest have outdone themselves with this whizzpopping performance (no, nobody really whizzpopped!), because science at Techniquest is how science should be; fun, interactive and mind-blowing!
The Splendiferous Science show is running for the whole of this summer. Tickets are currently priced at £7.50 per adult, £6 per child age 4-16, £6 concessions, £25 for a family of 2 adults and up to 3 children. The Planetarium Show is £1.50 extra per person.
Disclosure: I received free entry in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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