Spooktacular at Rhondda Heritage Park : Fun for all the Family this Weekend!

We recently visited Rhondda Heritage Park for X-Scream and we were pretty delighted to hear that a family friendly Halloween event would also be held at the gorgeously historic site. Spooktacular began yesterday and ends tomorrow, and I implore you to get your tickets now!
For £5.95 your child will get to do the following:
* Carve a pumpkin
* Follow the pumpkin trail to win a prize
* Enjoy spooky arts and crafts
We arrived within our designated time slot (11-11.30am) and we were welcomed warmly by the staff at the front desk. We handed in the chidlren’s tickets and they received a wristband each and a trail sheet to collect letters. Basically they had to find the pumpkins and write down the letter on each one, then later on they had to scramble up the letters to make 3 words. They hand this into the desk and this would give them the prize!
George and Molly loved finding the pumpkins 🙂
Whilst on our search we found the cute little ride outside (£2 a go). I really liked the fact that there was only one ride, it meant less squabbling, less tears and disappointment and less overall cost. We also tried out the hotdogs and burgers, they were yummy!
After we’d filled our tummies we went to carve pumpkins. Molly hasn’t been feeling great so Warren helped her out whilst I gave George a hand at scooping out his pumpkin. George has really taken to the whole pumpkin carving thing, and he was totally in his element.
The staff on hand were great, very helpful handing out the right bits and bobs and you can store your finished pumpkin to one side for collection later on.
Soon it was time for some crafts, located on the next floor up, next to the cafe. We obviously had to test out their hot chocolate (it was delicious!) and the food looks great (and reasonably priced).
The crafts today were great, and George and Molly (and Warren!) had lots of fun creating.
At about 1.30pm we decided to leave (not out of choice, but we have plans this afternoon!), but we could have easily stayed for a bit longer.
I really have to say, £5.95 for a child (free entry for adult) is absolutely fantastic value for money. We walked away with a carved pumpkin each, several crafty bits and bobs, a treat from the pumpkin hunt and two very happy children.
This really is the place to spend some time this weekend, it’s a beautiful sight and they’ve really tailored the activities to suit that family vibe.
Check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts and get your tickets tickets before they run out…
Oh, and have a fantastic Halloween weekend!!!!!
Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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