Shake Shack Cardiff : The CheddarShack has landed!

Shake Shack is a perfect jigsaw  piece in St David’s Shopping Centre. Their presence was felt s soon as they opened last year and we were very excited to visit them last week to try out their new CheddarShack.
The CheddarShack is replacing the Yard Burger in all UK stores from 23rd June. It contains 100% All-natural Aberdeen Angus beef, double British free range Wiltshire cure smoked bacon and topped with Shack cheddar cheese sauce. Doesn’t it sound yummy?!
Warren and I love a good excuse for a date night, so we headed to St David’s arm in arm and ready to taste Shake Shake’s offerings! What appeals to me most about the company is their ethics, sourcing the most cared for produce as well as their donation to The Wallich (a homeless charity).
We had such a warm welcoming as we entered the restaurant. All the staff were helpful and explained how their system works, as well as explaining the menu and discussing the shake of the day. We ordered our food and we were given a little device that would alert us when our food was ready.
We found a cosy booth and sat down ready to wait to for our meal to be collected fro the till area. It wasn’t long until our device lit up and vibrated on the table. I headed over with it and handed it in, in exchange for our food and drinks.


The CheddarShack  £7.50 for a single and £10.50 for a double.

The food looked and smelt so good, so it was only natural to test it out, right?!
I have come to love messy food and the CheddarShack is definitely a ‘dirty burger’, as one of the Shake Shack team described it. Messy but so good! The actually burger was moist, tender and not one bit of gristle in sight. It was extremely delicious. The bacon, cheese and bun completed the package and it didn’t take long until our tray looked like this…
It was simply delicious! To go with the more-ish burger and gorgeous crinkle fries we tried the Peanut Butter Shake and the daily special Mud Pie Shake. Warren preferred the peanut butter flavour, but I adored the special of the day; it was smooth and delicious and not too overpowering.
Once we’d wrapped up our main meal we were offered a concrete to try. I had no idea what to expect, but oh-my-goodiness, they are amazing! For £5-7 you can get a frozen custard ice cream mixed with various things to make a delicious way to end a meal…
We really had a fabulous time, the food is lovingly sourced, the staff are wonderfully accomodating and everything tastes so amazingly good.
Since Shake Shack is a US company with restaurants in London and Cardiff, we can only hope they will expand to the rest of the UK before long so you can all try out their delicious food. But for now, it’s a good excuse to take a break in the capital of Wales and chow down on burger, fries, a shake and some concrete. Go on, you know you want to…
Disclosure: I received this meal for free in exchange for review. All views are my own and 100% honest.


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