Seven Clever Ways to Brighten Up Your Home.

Seven Clever Ways to Brighten Up Your Home.


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The tiny glimpse of sunshine through my dining room window is enough to make me squeal with joy; I just love sunshine! It seems that most of us do, and with 1 in 15 of people suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it’s important to increase the light we see all year around.

I am definitely one of the 15 people who suffer from SAD; I am really low during the winter months and when I begin to see the sunshine in early Spring I am a different person. Even Warren has commented on how the dark days and lack of sunshine affects me, and I have to admit, he’s completely right. 

I really love sunshine (not just on holidays!) and I try lots of different things to bring the sunshine into our home. I’ve compiled a list of 7 clever things we can do to make our homes brighter and lighter, reducing the effects of SAD. I hope you find them useful…

7 Clever Ways to Brighten Up Your Home!

 1. Open the curtains!

It might sound obvious, but keeping the curtain closed can make any room feel dark and depressing. I tend to wake up each morning and open up the curtains upstairs, saving our downstairs ones until we’re all dressed! So open up your curtains and let the sunshine brighten up your home in seconds. 

2. Lighting.

Lamps, good quality bulbs and other stylish lighting can transform a room entirely. We have at least one lamp in each room and if it’s a gloomy day these are the items in our home that help brighten it (and me!) up. I love different styles of lamps and dimmer lamps, but any work well! There’s also a special SAD lamp that apparently lifts your mood; apparently it resets your circadian rhythm bringing you back to your normal, happy and healthy self!

3. Crystals.

I was given a beautiful hanging crystal a few years ago and it now hangs in my daughter’s room. When we go in her room we’re always in awe of all the beautiful colours dancing on the walls as the crystals slowly spins around. They’re so beautiful!

4. Renovate your house!

Yes, this is a biggie, but well worth it if you own your own home. There are so many things you can do to allow in more light, from new windows and door to trade bifold doors, there’s so much choice when it comes to redesigning your home. I cannot wait for the day we buy our first home and style it the way we want, and yes, it will have so much light when you visit you’ll still think you’re outside!

White brick wall with quote from point number 5.
5. Paint.

We’ve lived in so many houses over the years and we’ve always found that white paint makes everything feel so much lighter (and rooms feel more spacious too!). It means we can hang up paintings and have colourful furniture and it’s still lovely and bright.

6. Mirrors!

Yes, mirrors make rooms appear larger, but they also reflect the light and make a room appear lighter and brighter. So add long mirrors to hallways and large mirrors above fireplaces and just go mirror crazy; it will be worth it!

7. Go Outside.

You don’t need to leave your home for this one. Whether you have a yard or a vast green landscape to turn to, getting out into your home’s back garden will make your home feel like a brighter place to be. 

What are your top tips for a brighter home? 

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