Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show Cardiff: What Dreams Are Made Of.

Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show Cardiff: What Dreams Are Made Of.
Title with cacti in the background.
*Thank you to RHS for tickets for the show, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Yesterday I went on a lovely day out with George and Molly to see the beuatiful sights at The Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show. We met up with lovely blogger Laura and her two little ones and had such a fab time, even if we did lose each other at times – haha!

The show looked much bigger than previous years, and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in! We arrived and the staff were really lovely; they made sure George and Molly had a wristband with my phone number written on, just in case we lost each other at any point. We were guided over to the start of the trail, given the trail booklets and off we went in search of stamps!

Large crocheted wheelbarrow.

Large crocheted plantpot.

Booklet with stamps inside.

Large crocheted watering can.

Once they’d collected all three it was time to collect their prize; a lovely little colouring in book and pencils. I think this was a very sweet touch, considering children are free to enter with a paying adult (2 children to one adult, adults pay £11 in advance or £14 on the day.). After the trail we had a little nose in the flower tent, and obviously George and Molly had to buy a little keepsake plant!

Lots of cacti.

Two peopel in cactus inspired jackets.

Aren’t those jackets fab?! 

Obviously we had to have a little nose at the Wheelbarrow Show, and I voted for this beauty…

Wheelbarrow with plastic octopus made out of rubbish.

Our next stop was the family area, and there was so much to do! From making music louder from riding a bike to woodwork and more, this was a fabulous little find and it wasn’t overly crowded either. After we’d spent a while here, we headed around the corner to Out to Learn Willow and George and Molly made swords (£4 each); this was really fun and I can imagine they’ll use these for a very long time!

George with a piece of wood and hot rod for burning words into the wood

Molly decorating a wicker sword.

The late afternoon was a bit of a blur as the sun finally made an appearance! We had a little nose at the National Museum of Wales area, where Molly made a seed bomb and a plasticine turtle whilst George obsessively checked out the permeability section. 

Molly making a seed bomb.

Creatures made from plasticine on a large display area.

A duck with can rings aronud its neck.

I really loved the focus on the environment and nature; there was a lot of inspiring work dotted around to really make us think about how we treat the planet.

There were so many wonderful sights to see and it was all so very visually inspiring. I particularly loved The National Botanic Garden of Wales kitchen/garden installation and we had a little chat with the lady about terrariums; something we’re definitely going to try out soon.

A white kitchen area with plants all around.

Here’s a little video of our day, to give you a real idea of the scale and joyous vibes at the show…

We had a lovely day out, and it was fab to meet up with Laura and enjoy the sights together. I think the Flower Show is totally perfect for families; there’s so much to see, do and learn about and I think we’ll be implementing some of their wonderful ideas within our own home and garden. 

Check out Sidestreet Style’s review of the day here. For more wonderful things to do in Cardiff, check out Fly, Drive, Explore‘s post for the Top Ten Things to Do in Cardiff. 

Here are some more photographs from the day…

'The Wildlife trust' made from grass and daisies.

Shells with eyes and gravel.

A sign reading 'Men to the lieft because women are always right'

RHS in large letters filled with flowers.

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