Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show Rocked My World, Again…

I’m not ashamed to say that this year Warren and I donned our fishnets and headed to see The Rocky Horror Show at the Alex in Brum TWICE this year.

I’m always very protective when new cast members join the show, but I am happy to confirm that they’ve all done a tremendous job this year! We adore the show and we first saw Liam Tamne as Frank back in January. He was absolutely awesome, and as usual, he owned the role and made it his own. I particularly fell in love with how he handled the heckling audience in the second half. It always gets right on my nerves when people shout over the most sincere part of the show when Frank N Furter sings both ‘Don’t Dream it, Be it’ and ‘I’m Coming Home’. Well, let’s just say Liam will put any hecklers in their place at this most poignant part of the whole performance, and I’m with him all the way! As much as I like the interaction, there’s a time, a place and a little thing called respect.

Anyway, back in February we managed to get front row seats (thanks Mother!) and when Janet (Diana Vickers) threw her bouquet of flowers, well yes indeedy, they landed in our laps! I adore going to see the show because the vibe in the theatre is like no other, and when we went earlier this year the vibe was electric.

We went again in October with some friends and, once again, the cast rocked. Everyone was in the ‘Rocky Zone’ and singing and dancing and, of course, fancy dress could be seen everywhere. I overheard someone say, ‘It’s an alright musical’ on my way back from the loo and I almost screamed.

It is SO much more than that.

It’s a glam rock, transexual, alien, self-discovery, sexual show. It has humour, talent, passion and heart. It has everything I love (except David Bowie) running through it, and even then, I’m sure he’s there somewhere in the sequins and phenomenal music. Richard O’ Brien has created a cult of Rocky fans, he’s created a world where being different is to be celebrated. He’s ace, right?

So I’m waffling, because I’m SO passionate about this… I’m so in love with it… I’m so connected to it…

If you’re planning on catching the show then you really won’t be disappointed (unless you’re a total boring fart-face, of course). All the cast rock, the music is heart-pumpingly special; it’s just out of this world. Warren adored Riff Raff and Brad, Magenta was hilariously sexual on stage, Columbia truly owned her role, they were all fabulous!

Oh, and if you’re a die hard Rocky fan, then please get in touch, we are certain to be the best of friends.


  1. meleaglestone
    2nd November 2016 / 9:20 pm

    I'd seen this advertised in Cardiff centre for the past few weeks and really wanted to go, we love a good Rocky Horror performance. Your outfits looked amazing!

    Mel ★

  2. 2nd November 2016 / 11:26 pm

    Aw thank you! We had so much fun! Are you going?!!!!! xxxxx

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