Review: The Weekend Box.

Review: The Weekend Box.
A young boy holding the weekend box and the title.
*Thank you to the Weekend Box crew for sending us this box to review.

We were recently sent a Weekend Box to review and the kids were so excited to see what crafts and activities awaited them! The Weekend Box is a subscription box aimed at 3-8 year olds, we were sent the ‘Bumper Box’ which costs £8.95 per month and contains 4 activities. It’s packaged in a very bright box with all the lovely characters on the front; t looks very appealing indeed, and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

The box is designed to be straight forward, with colour coded activities and most of the items required to complete all the fun activities. There is a booklet inside also, with an introduction to the box and instructions for each activity. There are also stickers and a certificate to complete at the end.

Weekend box half open with four animals displayed.
Four sealed paper bags in red, blue, green and yellow.
Red sealed paper bag and booklet from the Weekend Box.

We opened the box to discover the different elements, and our first job was to match the different bits and bobs that went with each coloured bag (there were a few random bits inside the box that we presume just wouldn’t fit into the bags.). 

The theme was ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs’ and George and Molly picked an activity each; George went for the Clothes Peg Dinosaur and Molly chose the Dino Hatchling. 

Two photos with 'raaar!' in the corner. One photo of a peg, card with dino template, another with George cutting out.

The peg craft was simple and there were instructions in the booklet, but our set was missing brown paper so we ended up using the template and colouring it in. It turned out well regardless of the missing piece…

George holding a dino peg and pullnig a scared/shocked face.

Molly’s craft was very cute, just like her! She had to create a dino egg and she really enjoyed cutting, sticking and designing the egg.

Collage of photos making up the dino hatching. 1. Molly cutting out, 2 dino drawing, 3 and 4 dino egg closed and open to reveal dino.

It turned out really well and Molly went on to produce the third craft in the box, ‘dino-claws’!

Cardboard dinosaur claws.

The final craft activity we haven’t yet completed, mostly because we’ve been eating mostly vegan-based food since January and the cookery craft included milk chocolate and mini eggs with milk. Molly was a bit put off trying them out, and I guess if there is an allergy within the household this is something to be aware of. I’m not sure if the Weekend Box folk offer dairy free alternatives but I will find out and let you guys know!

There are also stickers to collect, a short comic book style story to read together and a colouring in page. 

Molly wearing her Weekend Box sticker.

Overall we had a lot of crafty fun with this subscription box, even thought there was an item missing and the food wasn’t dairy free. It was fun, educational and George and Molly loved the dinosaur theme. 

 They offer the bumper box (as reviewed here) for £8.95 every month or fortnight or the mini box  for £5.95 every fortnight. If you follow this link you can get your first mini box for free or a bumper box for just £1! Enjoy!

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