Review: Snazaroo Weekend Box!

were recently sent a new Weekend Box in collaboration with Snazaroo
to try out. The box contains two sets of Snazaroo
face paints; one set contains three colours (orange, yellow and
green) and three stamps (a cupcake, musical notes and a smiley face)
and the second set is specifically for creating a tiger face with
yellow, white and black face paint, a sponge and a brush.

£2.99 the sets are very good value for money, but the real test is
always how well the products work and if they will last. The stamp
set is really easy to use and it’s purpose is for parties or groups
of children to use, but I’m not 100% sure how many uses it would
have. Snazaroo seems to last a long time, so I imagine you could
probably use this set on up to 15 plus children without running out
(but again, I can’t promise this!). The stamps are okay; they’re a
little messy and the edges of the stamp sometimes print onto the skin
as well as the actual print, which can look a little messy. 


tiger set is perfect for a more detailed look, and Warren had a lot
of fun creating it on George’s gorgeous face. I really like how
compact the set is, but also that it includes a three step guide to
applying the make-up, making it a really simple yet fun task to
complete. Warren’s only complaint was with the quality of the brush,
so you couldn’t get a fine tip effect and the lines created were
quite large. 

We had a wonderful afternoon testing the paints out, with lots of giggles and fun. It’s also great to know that Snazaroo products are all made in the UK, as well as fragrance and paraben free.

I think this is a great little set for the price, and perfect for
people who are keen to explore face paints in a gentle and simple

I received this set in exchange for review. All opinions are 100%
honest and my own.


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