Review: See summer in with style with Perfect Glasses UK!

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When the sun is shining in the sky everything feels wonderful, but it’s so essential to take care of ourselves in the heat and with Perfect Glasses UK you can buy affordable and high quality glasses online in style! I have quite a collection of sunglasses, and it’s nice to have various styles and colours for different outfits, occasions or even to suit your mood!

For me, it’s all about shape, pattern and colour, as well as affordability. I love something a little different to the ‘norm’ when it comes to most things, and sunglasses are no exception! I particularly love these for a classic look…

glasses1 Oxydo
£171£71glasses2 Opyum

Of course, if you know me well you’ll know I love a bit of animal print so these are top of the list for more adventurous days! They’re fab because they still go with everything, yet they just add a little edge to an outfit. Perfect for summer days in the sun…

glasses3 Tiger

glasses4 Flame

These were the ones I opted for to review. They are a lot darker than I imagined, but I actually really love them this way…


They also go ith any outfit too, a massive plus when you throw clothes on randomly in the morning like I do!
I really love my new sunglasses, and I’ve been wearing them every single day since they arrived. They are the right weight (neither too light or too heavy), comfortable and the print is so awesome!


Even Ziggy loves them…


I think it’s really great that you can get prescription sunglasses too. Nanny Kim wears prescription glasses and it’s great she can have her pick of these wonderful, high quality and funky glasses that are secretly practical for her everyday use! I can totally imagine Nanny Kim wearing these…

glasses6 Rubylicious

I also love the option to ‘customise any frame’ into a pair of prescription sunglasses, it gives you so much more choice and it’s such a great service to offer. I can totally imagine Nanny Kim rocking these…
glasses7 Vogue

There are such a wide range of styles and colours to suit anyone, and since their prices start from £9 there’s a pair for every kind of budget. When it comes to the lower cost glasses I’d probably suggest these…
glasses8 Weldon

They’re funky and smart; perfect for both formal and relaxed events. You just can’t go wrong a that price!

However, if you’ve got an expendable budget you can head on over to the designer glasses section to choose the perfect pair for you.

The designer glasses are out of this world and I particularly love the Jimmy Choo selection. They’re sparkly, colourful and so very, very gorgeous. I’d buy every single one of them if I could!

You can find a full selection of women’s glasses, from daytime prescription glasses to sunglasses, as well as men’s glasses. I actually felt quite put out that I don’t need proscriptive lenses, but I know I’ve got the option of sunglasses and this makes me very happy!

So dig out your summer wardrobe, top up on your sunscreen and hop online to check out the amazing selection of sunglasses, prescription glasses and designer glasses. You’ll be totally spoilt for choice!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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