Review: Pretty Gifted Giftwrap.

Review: Pretty Gifted Giftwrap.

I was recently invited to review gift wrap from Pretty Gifted, a personalised gift wrap designer service that’s incredibly easy to use. They design gift wrap using six simple steps and it’s a very easy service to use, adding a special personal touch to gifts throughout the year.

For my personalised gift wrap I simply headed to their site on my phone and followed the very easy steps detailed below:

1. Pick a paper
2. Pick a font
3. Pick a foil
4. Write your message 
5. Pick your font size
6. Pick your icon

 Once you’ve followed these steps you review your design and choose how many sheets you’d like to order. The price of the order includes postage, packing, a gift tag and a gel pen. I decided on black paper, candy font, gold foil, the very common phrase,’ I wish it could be Christmas every day’ for my message and of course, I went for a lightning bolt icon!

My order arrived in perfect condition and then it was time for wrapping! I decided to wrap a gift for the kiddiebops because they adore unwrapping gifts…

I think the gift tag and gel pen is a great addition because it means all you need is tape and/or ribbon and you’re sorted! I like how the paper looks, it’s very cool and individual, but I do think the paper could be that little bit thicker considering the price and personalisation. Still, it wrapped really well (no tears or frustration!) and it looked great once it was complete. I think it’s great you can choose any phrase of message you like, and of course I couldn’t write this post without sharing the wonderful video from Wizzard…

I am feeling so Christmassy now it’s unreal, and I can’t wait for George and Molly to open their bath bomb making kit on Christmas Day. This is the kind of paper I know some people (like me!) would unwrap carefully and either re-use or frame! 

Don’t forget to check out their limited edition red wrapping paper (perfect Christmas!) and their cute Christmas tree icon! Each sheet costs £7.95 and although I couldn’t personally afford to do this for every gift at Christmas, I do think it would be nice for those special gifts and throughout the year. 

Disclosure: I received a free sheet in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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