Review: Personalised Portraits From Sweet Wild Designs.

Review: Personalised Portraits From Sweet Wild Designs.
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*Thank you to Sweet Wild Designs for this product. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Recently I was asked by Helen to review a personalised portrait from Sweet Wild Designs. Sweet Wild Designs is an online shop where you can purchase an array of handcrafted art work, perfect for any home.

There are lot of options to choose from, such as cards, prints and other personalised inspired gifts. I was asked to choose the type of product to review, and of course, it had to be a picture of Ziggy, because we all adore him and we don’t have any photos or pictures of him around the house. Yes, I feel a bit guilty about that, poor dude…

The process was pretty simple, all I had to do was provide Helen with a selection of photographs (the website suggests 10 good quality photos from different angles…) and from there it was all about discussing what kind of thing we wanted. Helen provided us with a full view of Ziggy, but we chose to go for a close up of his gorgeous face. There was also an option to have a white or coloured background ans we went with white. We also asked for his name to be printed on top also, and then we approved the picture and waited for it to arrive!

It arrived within a couple of days and it was very well packaged. I was excited to see the finished result, and this is how it turned out…


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A close up of the print of Ziggy's head.

I really like how it’s turned out, I can definitely see our dude Ziggy in the picture and it has a certain charm about it that a photograph wouldn’t have. The personalised touch is really wonderful, and I love that we had the chance to discuss and amend along the way.

These prints are ‘hand drawn and coloured with a combination of acrylics, pencil, ink and edited in photoshop.’ I’d kind of like to see the stage before photoshop and perhaps have this option before committing to a final product.

This print would cost £30.00; the price depends on the size and how many figures are included in the picture and would need to be discussed with the very lovely Helen 🙂

I really love the idea of a pet portrait, I think it’s a must have part of a family home, a way to remind you of your beloved pet.

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