Review: Personalised books from Tell My Story Book!

Review: Personalised books from Tell My Story Book!

You know how much we love books, right? Then you can imagine our delight at being offered the chance to review two personalised books from Tell My Story Book! Their books are designed to feature the face of your child on every page, taking them on their very own adventure before bedtime.

The process for creating the book is really simple, just head to their site and pop in your child’s name, gender and choose the type of book you’d prefer. The two options are Imagination (girls or boys) or My Fairy Godmother (girls)/My Magic Elf (boys).

The book costs £18.95, and for £1.85 extra you can add a personalised message. I love adding a personal message to (quite frankly) anything, and in this case it makes the book feel so much more special…

You can also add gift wrapping for £3.50 and priority ordering (shipped within 1-3 days) for £3.95. Normal shipping is £3.95 on top of £18.95, and you can also add a second book to get 5% off your order.

At bed time George and Molly couldn’t wait to read them. We snuggled up before bed and read both of them, and as I read I watched their eyed widen with delight. I adore reading with/to my children and listening to them read to me. I think it’s one of the most amazing experiences, and books create new worlds, extend imaginations and bring everyone together.

They are perfect bedtime stories, mostly because they end up getting into bed and going to sleep at the end! But, joking aside, the stories are fun and the pages are bold (and extremely cute!). 

They both listened intently to their stories, afterwards comparing books. Molly did comment about how different their books were and to a point, I feel there is a bit of a gender barrier here. When you order your book you need to select whether your child is a boy or a girl (I presume for the he/she
aspect of the story), but your choices are limited- imagination for both girls and boys, or magical elves for a boy and magical fairy godmothers for a girl. 

However, we all enjoyed reading them to each other, and seeing their little faces in the different scenarios. It was way too cute, and I think it gave them inspiration for imaginative play. 

Reading these books definitely make bedtime special and I love that they’re hardback books, it means they’ll last a lot longer and they feel solid to hold. I think these will be a firm favourite at bedtime for a long time to come.

Disclosure: We received these books in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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