Review: Oz with Orchestra at St David’s Hall!

Review: Oz with Orchestra at St David’s Hall!
are pretty big on movies and you might already know that I was
brought up on musicals, especially anything with Judy Garland and
Gene Kelly (my namesake) in. Of course this means we all know and
love The Wizard of Oz, from the munchkins to the evil witch to the
cowardly lion, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with in
this movie. But what would a real, live orchestra sound like
alongside the original movie? Well, yesterday we found out…
the show began however, we had lots of activities to join in with on
all the different levels, and we started off with a treasure hunt. This
was followed by fab face painting from Crazy Faces Face Painting, as well as some instrumental
tutoring and a big sing-along before the show. It
was so much fun and definitely got us in the mood for the film!

with Orchestra involves the original film being shown with the music
being played by the Welsh National Opera Orchestra. It sounds so
exciting, doesn’t it? There’s nothing quite like live music, it hits
you in the pit of you stomach and it can be completely unforgettable
and moving.
were quite far back in the auditorium, but we still had a good view
of the screen and stage. I think we may have felt
a little more if we’d been closer, but it didn’t disrupt our
experience and it was nice to see the stage from a different point of
film began and it was lovely to be transported into Dorothy’s world,
we all enjoyed watching the story unfold and singing along (quietly)
to the songs. When the songs began it was wonderful to watch and
listen to the orchestra as they flawlessly performed alongside the
was fantastic to see each section of the music performed, you could
pick out who was making what noise and see how they worked together
as a team under the calm management of the conductor. It was magical.
of the loveliest moments was spotting the drummer in the orchestra
who’d, only an hour earlier, helped George and Molly explore all types
of percussion. They had so much fun with him and here’s a little clip
of what they got up to…

really think this was an excellent event, it involved so much more
than just watching a musical. My children were involved with many
different activities, they made friends with many talented people and
learnt a few new tricks along the way, and it was a wonderful way to
spend a Sunday afternoon together as a family.
simply cannot wait to see what they come up with next, but some of my
suggestions would include Jurassic Park, The Little Mermaid and for
the adults, The Blues Brothers!
you attend Oz with Orchestra? What did you think?
I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100%
honest and my own.

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