Review: Night Zoo Keeper and the Spying Giraffes

The summer holidays can be a pretty crazy time, whether in school or not, having activities to keep the kiddies busy is a must! Night Zookeeper offers a combination of reading, writing, storytelling and creativity to keep boredom at bay on those rainy days…
The book itself is an adventurous tale full of strange creatures and wonderful journeys in the night zoo. George was very interested in the book, but I think Molly at age 5, was a little too young to really get into it – but she did try her best!
Once you’ve set up your account, you can create your own picture of yourself, check out George’s…
He loved creating an avatar of himself! You can see in the picture above that he has also created creatures along the way, followed by stories about the various animals and their adventures.
Here’s John:
The ‘teacher’ offers feedback on any written work, suggesting more ideas and positive praise.
You also get suggested words of the day, prompts for writing tasks and lots of guidance. Some of this was a bit too advanced for George, he is just getting into writing stories so sometimes I think he found parts of the onlnie process overwhelming at times.
However, when it came to the book, he wanted more than one chapter a night! He loved it so much, and this only encouraged him more to get onto the computer and explore the world of the Night Zookeeper more…
There are various areas to explore and complete (as you can see in the picture above) which means the activities can be varied. You can also save your work before publishing it so you can go back and edit any bits you fancy.
George loves this book and he enjoys taking part in the online activities, even though sometimes the langauge or descriptions are challenging, he just ploughs through at his own pace, doing things his own way, with fantastic results.
Since starting this adventure, George has become very interested in writing his own stories and creating his own unusual words. As a writer, it makes me so joyous to see George taking part in something so close to my heart.
So, if you have a storyteller, a reader, in fact any child that can read, write and use a keyboard then the Night Zookeeper will be an extraordinary adventure…
Disclosure: I received a free book and free subsciption in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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