Review: Monstersaurus at St David’s Hall.

Lady with short hair, white top and pink cardi next to a man dressed as a big orange monster with horns next to a young boy in a lab coat.
*Thanks to Monstersaurus for tickets. Photo credit: Monstersaurus.

Yesterday George and I had a day (and night) out together in Cardiff and it was absolutely lovely. It all started after lunch when we attended St David’s Hall to see Monstersaurus. We haven’t yet read the book, but we’re huge fans of Aliens Love Underpants, so this performance was sure to be a hit.

The story follows a young boy, Monty, who discovers a magical book in his bedroom. The book has special recipes for making different kinds of monsters, and of course,  Monty decides to try a few out! Things get a little crazy and in the end Monty has to create Monstersaurus – the giant monster who’ll save the day!

The cast is made up of a team of three performers; Natalie Simone as Mum, Sam Hoye as Monty and Mark Collier as Bogablob, Dust Monster and the Monstersaurus…

We found our seats and soon the show began! I was really interested in how the story would transfer to stage, and I was impressed with the use of props and stage set-up. I do think the stage was a little too sparse for my personal tastes, I would have liked more visual aspects within the stage, even in the form of musical instruments or interesting and quirky props.

I thought the performers were all well rehearsed and they obviously had a good relationship with one another; their interactions were good and the mother/son relationship was performed well by Natalie Simone and Sam Hoye.

The story son unfolded and it was time for Monty to create his first monster, Bogablob. I really loved how they created audience interaction during the monster making scenes; children within the audience were able to take up various ingredients given to them at some point prior to the show. This was fab, and you could see how excited each child was as they handed over their ingredient to Monty. I particularly loved the moment a child decided to take their own sock up to the stage, and Monty handled this situation really well!

Monty went on to make his second monster, creating rivalry between the two resulting in monster fights. There was a little link here to Fight Club which made me chuckle, and the two monsters fighting was a sight to see indeed!

Eventually Monty decides to make the biggest monster ever; Monstersaurus. He arrived in style, with shadow work and smoke, and some children were a little frightened at the sight of him. However, this soon turned itself around, because Monstersaurus turned out to be really nice and helpful. He scares the two monsters away and takes Monty on a trip to meet his family and then to the moon…

The production ends with Mum discovering the book and planning her own monster making fun!

Overall we enjoyed Monstersaurus, but I do feel there were a few sound issues. For example, I couldn’t hear some of the lyrics over the music and the microphones were a little muffled at times. Other than this, we had a fantastic and fun time, with lots of laughter and audience interaction, as well as joining in with their very catchy ‘Monstersaurus’ song! You won’t get it out of your head!

You can catch Monstersaurus at many UK locations, click here to find out more!


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