Review: Misery at Escape Reality!


We love a good escape game, so when we were invited* along to Escape Reality to try out another of their fantastic rooms, we couldn’t really say no, could we?! I adore the thriller Misery, so I was delighted to be able to test out this room.

It’s a dark and twisted tale of kidnap, and this room goes one further with a dash of murder!
I headed into Cardiff with Warren and one of his good friends for an evening of fun, laughter and hopefully, the satisfaction of escaping within the 60 minute time slot.

The basic idea of Escape Reality is to solve the clues and get out of the room(s) in the best time possible. It used to be ‘just within the 60 minutes’ but I think there’s been a shift, especially at Escape Reality, to get out in the best time to get a spot on their leader board!

Before you go into the room you’re given a safety talk as well as an introduction to the game. There was also a video to go with it, but it repeated the same story, so I think the video is all that’s really needed for an explanation to the room and the tasks ahead. You’re then left with a tablet that counts down from 60 minutes, so you can regularly check your time. It’s also useful if you’re stuck to gain solutions to any clues you might find a little confusing/hard, just scan the clue and get a solution to the problem, but be warned, this knocks 5 minutes off your time.

The room is pretty basic, with the classic elements of the film dotted around. The clues were, in my opinion, pretty vague and this lead to us being a little more confused than enlightened.
There are some quirky elements within this game, and red herrings too, plus there’s a nice mixture of puzzle, mystery and intrigue. I thought there could have been more to do within the time, if the clues and puzzles were a bit less vague. We actually had times of pure frustration because the clues sometimes crossed over and we ended up more confused.

A big tip is to listen carefully, because you might unlock something and not hear it. We had this issue and wasted nearly 10 minutes of our time, so listen out! It happened quite early on for us so we weren’t able to build a momentum within the game.

Overall, we had a fun time. I think regardless of how the game goes, it’s fun to be a team and work together (or bicker like Warren and I did!) to escape. We finally, after a few false starts, made it out with about 3 minutes to spare!

There’s also a bar within the building, so you can have a pre or post game drink, as well as a chat with the friendly staff. Don’t forget to grab a prop and pose for your photo, if you hit a certain time you’ll be added to the leader board.

I’ve been to several of their rooms; Enigmista, Jungala, The Heist and now Misery. I have to say that out of all of them, Enigmista was my favourite, it flowed really well and there weren’t any vague clues, plus I think we were a pretty strong team working in alternating pairs to figure things out.

I think Escape Reality is a great way to connect, have fun and test your wits as you try to escape. The Misery room is perfect for movie fans, or people who like a tense mystery with a dash of gore.

Prices vary per person depending on the number in the team, and weekends book up fast so make sure you book ahead!

*Disclosure: I received a free game in exchange for review. All opinions are 100 honest and my own.


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