Review: Little Cook Box.

Picture of several food boxes.
*Thank you to Little Cook Box for these kits for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

We love cooking in our house, so we were really excited to try out Little Cook Book’s delivery service. They offer a selection of kid sized meals to cook at home and it’s all delivered straight to your door, full of fresh produce without the fear of waste.

As a nation we waste so much food, so Little Cook Book’s aim is to reduce this waste as well as encourage children into the kitchen more often. I love cooking and baking with George and Molly, it certainly gets messy (but I’m a messy cook!) but it’s so much fun!

There are different price brackets depending on how many portions you want, but they range from £19.80 (4 meal kits) to £42.30 (9 meal kits). They are delivered in a sturdy box and you need to make sure you’re in to collect them as they need to be refrigerated. If you’re going to be out then make sure a friendly neighbour can take them in for you!

Ours arrived on a Friday and their use by date was the following Monday, so we didn’t have long to cook up a feast! I wonder if the dates are so close to the delivery day because it’s the weekend and based around school children?! 

Ratatouille box kit for kids.

The kits are pretty big, with all the ingredients you need to cook the meal, although oil for cooking isn’t included. We were sent the Ratatouille Kit and the Feta Strudel Kit to try. Neither are fully vegan, but you can swap the sour cream sauce from the ratatouille kit and the feta from the strudel kit to vegan-ise them. It would be great if there were fully vegan options so that it wouldn’t cost you more to buy the substitutions…

George and Molly couldn’t wait to get started! The box has all the instructions printed on the back, and the kits also come with stickers – if that’s your thing! We all worked together in our tiny kitchen, George and Molly both leading the way and Warren and I in the background for all the more ‘dangerous’ areas of cooking, such as the kettle, oven or hob. I think it would be even better if the plastic packs were perforated as they’re really hard to use when pouring out one type of sauce, but not using another compartment. We ended up cutting it up to make it easier. 

Geroge at the cooking preparing his meal.

Two strudels prior to cooking. The meals didn’t take long to cook, but I do think the kits are a bit optimistic when it comes to cooking times for potato wedges; they took ages!

A close up of a strudel with spinach and cheese inside.

Ratatoullie and rice dish on a plate.

The final result was lovely, tasty, exciting and new food for George and Molly to try! They did so well, and I’m sure you’ll agree, the food looks great! George even designed a ‘rat’ veggie plate in honour of the movie, Ratatouille!

A rat face made with vegetables.

The kits are really useful to get kids into the kitchen, reduce waste and they’re very nutritional! They’re quick to use, ours were cooked within 30 minutes, and you don’t need to peel, chop or spend ages preparing food. The box they’re delivered in is fully recyclable, the insulation can be recycled in some areas, and the actual tray the food comes in is also recyclable (once it’s been washed out!). 

I think these are great kits for families stuck in terms of time, or any parent who isn’t confident cooking new things. I think they’re great time saving options and most importantly, they get kids cooking AND eating healthy and well balanced meals…

Have you tried the Little Cook Box out yet? What did you think?


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