Review: Joining the Mafia at Adventure Rooms!

Review: Joining the Mafia at Adventure Rooms!
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On Monday we had an awesome afternoon at Adventure Rooms in Cardiff. Adventure Rooms is a lovely family friendly venue in Cardiff (on Newport Road) where you and a bunch of friends/family can get locked inside a series of rooms for 60 minutes in an attempt to escape. 

Adventure Rooms are really outstanding, and I still remember my other experiences of The Mad Scientist Room and The Black Queen; fun, exciting and both rooms definitely shone a light on my pals (and husband!) in such situations. 

This time we were there to give their new room, Mafia, a whirl. We had a trusty team of… George and Molly… to help us out! Can you imagine how excited they were? They literally couldn’t wait and as we entered Adventure Rooms they were lost to the world of puzzles and fancy dress…

Molly in a blonde wig and dressed up with feathers and pearls!

George with a gun and mafia hat.

Molly dressed up for the mafia room with feathers and pearls.

We were give our brief, and at this point I’d like to say just how amazing the staff are at Adventure Rooms. They’re professional, friendly and they were just so patient with our two little ones. We all donned (see what I did there?!) our mafia hats (or wigs in Molly’s case!) and headed into the room. 

I can’t give away too much, but I will say, the start of the game is very interesting when it comes to escape. We were separated from George (we could still see him!), and at first he was a little nervous, but he soon got into the swing of things. Once we were reunited the game was afoot and we realy got stuck in. The first part of the game went really smoothly, until we were baffled by a chain related puzzle. 

Mafia in red with a black and white background and silhouette of a mafia boss.

Once we’d figured this out it was time to push forward. It was so fab to see how the ‘room’ has been constructed, with full on Godfather vibes thanks to the music and clever, vintage props. The puzzles were also really varied and I loved the lack of mathematics; I can’t cope with too much in this department and so I was hugely relieved to find more problem solving skill based puzzles and clever tricks; the bullet puzzle was one of our favourites, Warren absolutely loved it! I really adored the hat puzzle, but you’ll have to hire the room to find out what I’m talking about!

We got a little stumped towards the end, with a tricky puzzle, but we pulled through and made it out of there with 6 minutes and 20 seconds to spare.

I’d like to add that, in times of trouble, clues do flash up on the screen for you to use. They came at such perfect times for us, so they definitely have a winning formula going on there!

I think this room is perfect for friends, families, hen/stag do’s and anyone ready to have a fun time! George and Molly are now the perfect age for this kind of game (7 and 8), and quite a few times they surprised us with their problem solving/detective skills! We couldn’t have done it without them…

You can find out more about pricing and other rooms on their website, facebook and twitter pages. 

Have you been to Adventure Rooms? Which room is your favourite?

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