Review: Hansel & Gretel at The Gate.

Review: Hansel & Gretel at The Gate.
Photo Credit: Lara Czornyj

Well what’s Christmas without a family theatre trip in our local area?! We’ve recently moved to Cathays so we were super excited to be invited to see Hansel & Gretel this week at The Gate, a gorgeous and historical building in Roath.
We strolled over to the lovely intimate theatre and had a little wander around the cafe area where there are gorgeous displays of artwork on the walls, before finding an area in the theatre to watch the performance. We chose the pews facing straight onto the stage; there seemed to be a good view from all areas of the theatre, but ours was straight on so pretty optimal…

The show began and ended with a high, with so much energy from the cast I felt tired for them at the end! I loved how engaged the children were with the show, from chatting to the characters to clapping along to songs, the energy was high!

Photo Credit: Lara Czornyj
and Gretel were outstandingly energetic and well presented on stage. I
loved their relationship and chemistry as well as their harmonies as
they sang along. They were great at engaging the audience and they created plenty of laughs as well as moments of sincerity and sweetness. They reminded me so much of George and Molly, a mixture of competitiveness and pure sibling love. 
I thought the performance was really fun and the musical side really touched my heart. I especially loved the rendition of You Two from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; it was so incredibly sweet and lovely. I also thought Evil Like Me was a great performance, as well as all the other musical moments; it made me feel very fuzzy inside indeed! 
Photo Credit: Lara Czornyj
I thought Hansel and Gretel’s father was very genuine and sweet, and he was pretty funny when it came to the Gingerbread Man scene! As for the evil witch, well she was outstanding and her laugh reminded me so much of the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz; it was outstanding!
I think the performance has a lot of energy; it was fun and interactive and at times sentimental and I really feel it’s the kind of play that draws children in and entertains them. The tickets are more than reasonably priced too, so the perfect excuse to head down, check out the beautiful venue that is The Gate and see a fantastic Christmas performance that will leave you feeling full of festive fun!

Tickets are £6.00 per child and £8.00-8.50 per adult. Booking fees apply.

Disclosure: We received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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