Review: Fall In at City Mazes, Cardiff.

Review: Fall In at City Mazes, Cardiff.
We love real life
escape rooms, from spooky ones to film related ones and all that’s in
between, there’s always so much fun to be had! We were recently
invited to test out the Fall In room at City Mazes, so I assembled a
team of crazies and off we went!

City Mazes is
situated behind Cardiff Central Station, it’s pretty easy to walk to
from town yet it’s tucked away from the bustling streets and traffic.
The reception we received was warm and welcoming, and there’s a small
seating area for you to kick back with a hot drink (vending machine
drinks £1) before you enter into your chosen game.

Fall In is set in
the 1950’s and you and your team must work together to escape from
your nuclear shelter and take on the aliens trying to destroy planet
Before you start
your game each member must sign a waiver agreeing to certain rules,
such as no alcohol consumption before entering the game as well as
accepting liability for any accidents that might occur during the
game. I’ve never had to do this before, and I wondered why it was
such a serious part of the process… 
We arrived about 20
minutes early for our game, and it’s advised that you arrive no less
than 15 minutes before the game time. We entered the room ten minutes
before our game time, so I didn’t have chance to finish my drink, but
you can take drinks and all your belongings in with you for the
duration of the game. 
When I walked into
the room I was pretty intrigued, and I also received my answers as to
why we shouldn’t be ‘intoxicated’. The floor was pretty bashed up,
and the walls/ceiling were damaged and crumbling. The building has
passed all safety checks and I have since been assured this is all
part of the ‘look’ and ‘vibe’ of the Fall In room, however I did fall
into a drain at one point (weak ankles here!)… 
The building aside,
our game consisted of being split up into two teams and chained up,
the main focus being ‘communication’. You can play the game in the
complete dark (with torches) or with some lighting from the string
lights dotted around the room. We chose the darkness, but they forgot
to switch the lights off, so make sure you reiterate your request if
you want more of a challenge! 

We worked together,
shouting across to each other, figuring out codes, words, finding
keys and generally arguing discussing 😉
The first part of
the game was a lot of fun, but we didn’t manage to use one part of
the puzzle, which was a bit disappointing. I’m not sure how we
bypassed it, but I imagine it would have been a lot of fun to do!
The clues were
interesting and the game moved along quickly, but I did think the
final section was a little disappointing and it was all over too soon
for me. I think, because we were a team of six, we needed more of a
challenge perhaps, but there were elements we really enjoyed and it
was very focused on team building!
We managed to escape
with 30 minutes to spare, pretty good right? It was an interesting
and fun afternoon spent with lovely people in the semi-dark, haha!
Have you been to
City Mazes? What did you think?

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